Prefer Giving Spankings Otk

Spanking OTK and bare bottom is my way of spanking.

I find that when I am Disciplining I can view the bottom and watch for any damage beginning to occur.

I have better control of the spankee when over my knees with my arm around their mid section.

OTK spanking just allows me to use my shoulder, arm and back muscles to do the spanking which is not nearly the hard spank that I can give while stand up.

OTK spanking seems to be more intimate to the spankee as they can't move out and it becomes more personal that way. I don't believe in using straps and etc to restrain.

I believe in giving longer type spankings which is excellent for the position of sitting down and the position for spanking. I give half of my power for spanking which still stings but I can last for a longer style of spanking....I believe the older one is the longer the spanking needs to be to get through those callused emotions and feelings. I also believe in bringing tears as this helps release emotions. A good cry is even better as it causes one to let go.......      I do this to help with emotions and not giving a punishment unless one wants to feel they are being punished.

I understand some women's private feelings on spankings.

I do spank until the bottom is red. It takes it longer to get there with my style of otk spanking but that is in good use by going from the bottom to the brain. I call it the callused emotions.

IF I may help you, contact me as I host in Columbus, Ohio.
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I like being spanked by my wife. It is usually bare bottomed over her knee. Her favorite instruments are the hair brush and the paddle. She has tried her hand, but it hurt her hand to much. She tried wearing a leather glove and it worked much better, but she still prefers the paddle or hair brush. I try to hold still for her. She has a special box of blue tissue that I am told to get along with whatever instrument she intends to use. The special box of blue tissue is for me to dry my eyes and blow my nose with. This also does a excellent job of keeping my hands occupied. She is like you and believes in longer spankings. They start out light and work up quickly. When she is done she sits there quietly until I finish crying. I am never allowed to get up from her lap without permission. Sometimes I have to stand in the corner with my pants down, holding the paddle behind my back with both hands with my nose to the corner. Even if she talks to you, you had better not remove your nose from the corner until she says to. Sometimes she will sit back down and call me over to her. She holds out her hand and I hand her the paddle. She taps her lap or tells me to lay back across her lap. She says she wants to inspect my bottom. Sometimes she comments on what a good job she has done. other times she says she missed a spot or my bottom has lost a little of it's color and needs to do a little touch up spanking. Finally I am given permission to stand up. When she tells me to pull up my pants that means the spanking is over. Sometimes she will put the paddle up and leave the rest for me to put up. Other times she will just leave the room. That is my que to pick everything up and put it away. She does have a strap too. She has only used it a few times. The first time she used it was over the knee. The strap wrapped around my bottom and hit her leg. After that she always took me to the family room and had me bend over the back of the couch. It is a real strap about 2 1/2 inches wide and about 18 inches long. She definitely knows how to apply it. She says she does not have very good control with it though and really prefers the paddle. Personally being on the receiving end I think she does and excellent job with the strap. My bottom is well reddened when she uses it.. One time I really upset her. In the middle of a paddling I dared to talk back to her. She told me to get up and go to the family room. She came in a minute later. It seemed like an eternity to me, with the strap. I was promptly bent over the back of the couch where I got a dozen strokes on a well paddled bottom to finish my spanking.

Bare bottom, over my knee or on the bed, with the palm of the hand until the bottom gets red and itchy and the lady whines, that's the only way.

spanking my teens is best done otk

why exactly do you perfer OK, arent they difficult to balance?

I will either sit on the couch and they lay over my lap or are just over my left knee

how do you keep them in place dont they kick their legs when u spank?

If only Ohio weren't so dang far from California. :)

That's the best way to spank someone.

I wish I was where you could spank me; it's been so long since I had such attention.

I only spank bare bottom because that is the only way for me to spot possible damage and also to see the color of the bottom.