The First Time I Spanked A Girl

As a kid I often went for Sunday lunch to my Aunts house and play with my cousin Sandra who is a year younger than me. This particular Sunday began as usual, my aunt and uncle had just come back from church with Sandra, all three dressed in their best clothes and by the time I arrived the lunch was well underway. The difference this time was that Sandra and her mum were having a real row and then she swore and the room went quiet. The look on Uncle Bill’s face was like thunder when he reared up out of his chair and the look on Sandra’s face was paper white when she realised she had crossed the line.

I had been there dozens of time and had never noticed the huge thick belt dangling from the back of the door until uncle reached up and grabbed it whilst his other hand propelled his hapless daughter into the kitchen. My heart was in my mouth, she was still in her Sunday dress, all ribbons and bows and white ankle socks and white buckled shoes, her face a mix of terror and embarrassment, then she was gone leaving me and my aunt trying to pretend nothing was happening.

The kitchen was a flurry of activity judging by the noise coming from there, Sandra was yelling out one apology after another, then begging not to be spanked then protesting at having her knickers pulled down then squealing like a banshee when she obviously went over his knee, or possibly the table, I had no way of knowing which.

There was no mistaking the sound of leather against bare bottom, my aunt was actually squirming in her seat and I suddenly wondered if she got the belt as well, and she was blushing as her daughter squealed her head off in the next room. I was having my own problems, I may only have been 12 but I was getting as hard as a rock!

I counted about a dozen slaps then the door burst open and a tearful Sandra swept through the room and disappeared upstairs to her room. Her dad said nothing but just hung his belt back on the door hook.

I never saw Sandra again that day, me and aunt and uncle ate Sunday lunch without her and I went home early because she wasn’t going to come and play. Obviously I had a date with my little **** pretty much as soon as I got home; I was so aroused I had hardly touched it when I erupted!
The following week was just like normal again, after lunch me and Sandra went for a walk and we ended up in a small area of woodland picking bluebells and such when the conversation got around to the last Sunday and her spanking. She was surprisingly candid about it then out of the blue she asked me if I would like to spank her!

To say I was gobsmacked would have been a real understatement and I ended up spluttering and sounding like an idiot. The she actually took over, telling me to sit down on his fallen tree then bending over my knee. She was wearing the same dress as last time and I really didn’t know what to do, was she just kidding or what? Then she just reached behind her and pulled up her dress, right up over her knickers then simply told me to spank her.

What could I do, I spanked her, not hard at first because I was frightened of hurting her then she said to spank her harder then harder still so I obliged, the feel of my hand on her warm knickers sending me into an instant ***********.

So there it was, the first time I had spanked a girl and I went home with sticky underpants and a lifelong fascination with otk spanking!
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Great account, well written.

Thoroughly enjoyable first experience!

If you were 12, how old was Sandra. I had two favorite cousins I play spanked regularly. One was a boy, the other a girl. I was 8 and the girl cousin was 7 and the boy was six when these play spankings started. The girl's bottom was tan and the boy's was pale-white. The boy enjoyed it more than the girl. The girl was more into "making out." settled for the doctor and spanking play.
The boy really enjoyed being over my knee; I think this was because he wasn't spanked (to my knowledge). We played in his pool house. He came of with the idea of phases for the spankings. He'd grab my ankle whenever he wanted to move to the next phase.
I'd begin spanking over pants (that phase was very short). The first ankle grab was the sign to lower the pants and spank "the undies" (as he called them-this phase was a bit longer). The second ankle grab was meant for me to lower the undies and each additional grab was the sign to lower them further. The grabs continued util the pants and undies were as far down as they could go without being totally removed.
He would never get up from my lap the entire time! This process would take at least thirty minutes and we both enjoyed the experience very much.

Sounds like me. I gave lots of kids lots of play spankings in my childhood and even onto my teens. Sometimes they would instigate it, sometimes I would.
I was always selected to play the role of the spanker in the games of house and school. I would always get hard when I had a kid over my knee foe more than just a few minutes. It would happen sooner with girls than with boys. I, too, would leave at the end of the game with moist pants.
Many times my spankings were one-on-one just for fun. I would spend 30 minutes or more just spanking the bottom in various stages of dress including covering the spanked bottom with the dress/skit/shorts and spanking them then they would be removed once again to spank the bare.

That was a really hot story. I read a lot of **** as a kid but I didn't give a girl a spanking until I was 18.

Sandra sounds a lot like me read my story of wanting to be spanked that i have posted here but she was 11 when this happened? she started a few yrs before me when you spanked her did she cry? i can see why you would get hard having her otk and her squirming its her fault you got hard maybe she needed a switiching as well as the hand spanking from you? Did you ever spank her after this time?

You mentioned your aunt sqirmed and blushed, when she heard her daughter being punished. So I understand correctly she was aroused by listening to the punishment ?Was uncle also aroused ?

I didnt know at the time but my uncle did spank my aunt regularly according to Sandra some time later and she said they often went 'for a nap' afterwards so he must have been aroused by it and so must she.

No, i got spanked by my father and the slipper at school (it was the late 50's/60's)