First ********* With My Wife

The writing of this story is a collaborative effort between my wife and myself.  I supplied my point of view and let her take care of the word-smithing, since she's turning out to be much better at it than I ever imagined.  We hope you enjoy it!



My wife and I had been married about two years.  It took us about that long to become completely open with each other about what we liked and wanted, and then to get comfortable enough in our relationship that we were willing to try introducing a third party.  We’d both admitted to having had multiple partners in the past, but hadn’t yet put our relationship to that test.


Around that time, my best friend Chris (name changed to protect the guilty) got divorced from his wife.  Chris and I had been friends since our freshman year in college and we had shared several lovely women over the years.  Chris and I had also had our own private encounters in the past, all of which my wife was fully aware.


My wife had always liked Chris and thought he was good looking so I decided to see how she would feel about getting more intimate with him.  I started out by mentioning how bad I felt that Chris wasn’t getting any sex now—usually the morning after we’d had a fun evening.  My wife agreed that it was a shame that he didn’t have anyone to ‘take care of him.’


One night, after we had a particularly fun evening in bed, my wife said, “You know, that would have been even more fun if there was someone here to join us.”


I asked if she had anyone particular in mind and she said she’d been thinking about Chris and how he was probably really lonely.  As much as I wanted to, I didn’t suggest anything concrete at that moment.  I’d already learned enough about my wife to know that she needs to approach ideas at her own pace.  But after a couple more similar occurrences, I suggested that we could invite Chris over and see what happened. 


She smiled at me, gave me a slow kiss, and then started working her way down to my ****…



I let that thought simmer for a few weeks before taking the next step.  I discussed it with my wife a couple more times to make sure she really meant it and wouldn’t chicken out at the last moment.  When I was sure we were both ready for it to happen, I invited Chris come over to watch football one evening.  She doesn’t really care for football, but I told her ahead of time that Chris probably needed some female attention to boost his ego and would she please hang out with us and chat with Chris?


She agreed and I made sure the beer was flowing freely for all three of us while I waited for a good opportunity to get things started.


The perfect catalyst came when a commercial came on with a woman dressed in a very provocative manner.  I said to Chris, “I think my wife could be sexier than that—what do you think?”


Chris looked at my wife and after a moment said, “You know, I can’t really tell without seeing more of her body.”  I realized he was right.  My wife was wearing a football jersey of mine and it didn’t do anything to show off her lovely body.


So I turned to my wife and said, “I think we need to get Chris’ opinion on this issue.  What do you think?”


She hesitated a moment and then said, “I think you’re right.  Chris is a good friend and I respect his opinion.”


I shifted myself a bit and started pulling up the jersey, watching her reaction closely but also enjoying Chris’ expression out of the corner of my eye.  My wife raised her arms to allow me to pull the shirt off entirely.  Chris and I both appreciated the fact that my wife wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were rock hard with her areolas crinkled up tight around them.


My wife sat there for a moment, bare-chested but still wearing her comfy, too-big, hang-around-the-house jeans, looking at me—she didn’t seem quite ready to deal with Chris just yet.  I smiled at her and decided to give her a minute before going any further. 


Chris was ogling my wife’s breasts and obviously enjoying the view.  Just then, our team made a touchdown so I said, “Damn!  What did we miss?”  grabbed the remote and rewound the DVR to see the play.  I managed to keep Chris’ mind on the game for a couple of minutes, and explained to my wife what had just happened (she *really* doesn’t know squat about sports).  She was much more attentive to my explanation than she would normally have been, so I knew that she was trying to make the fact that she was sitting half-naked between her husband and her husband’s best friend seem like the most normal thing in the world.  The giveaway was that her nipples were still tiny points and I could smell her ***** heating up…


Chris joined in the conversation, adding his observations about the game—taking more time than he ever had before to make sure my wife understood what he was talking about.  He seemed to be making an effort to not stare at her breasts, maybe trying to prove that he could be a gentleman even in this situation.


Since my wife was now considerably more relaxed and interacting with Chris, I decided to push forward.  “So Chris, getting back to our earlier conversation—I think you need to see my wife’s butt and legs to tell whether she’s as sexy as that lady in the commercial.  Honey, are you ready to let him get a look at what you’re hiding in those jeans?


My wife flushed at bit—it made her look about 15 and absolutely mouth watering—and her nipples hardened tighter than I’d ever seen them.  “Okay—if you’re sure you want to see, Chris?  We wouldn’t want to offend you.”


Chris grinned.  “Oh, don’t worry about offending me!  I love seeing a beautiful woman’s body and I consider it and honor that you’re willing to show yours to me.”  (My wife later told me that Chris clinched the deal with that line.)


My wife glanced at me and, after I nodded for her to go ahead, she stood up in front of Chris and said, “In that case, would you help me?”


Chris also looked to me for confirmation and then started to unbutton my wife’s jeans.  In that moment, seeing his hands reaching for her, my **** instantly went from its starting-to-swell state to a rock-hard monster that *demanded* release from my jeans.  I unobtrusively unzipped my pants to give the guy some breathing room while Chris slowly slid my wife’s jeans over her hips and down to the floor.  He gave her his hand to steady her as she stepped out of them—then she surprised us both as she kicked them across the room!


She stood there in front of Chris for a long moment.  The Chris said, “Turn around—I need to see all of you to make an informed opinion.”


My wife made a slow turn in her striped cotton low-rise panties.  Chris couldn’t keep his hands to himself when he saw her tattoo; she has an embellished yin-yang with wispy tendrils reaching from the top of the circle to the middle of her spine and from the bottom of the circle to the top of her cheeks.  Chris stopped her turn with a hand on her hip and started tracing the design with his fingertips.  “Whoever did your tattoo did a wonderful job.  He must have had a lot of fun doing it, too.”  He continued to stroke her back down the design until he reached the bottom, which was just enough under the waistband of her panties that he had to push them down to finish.  His finger rested at the bottom point of the design for a moment, then continued down a bit more to stroke down the crack of her *** about an inch or so.


When he started touching her back—which I well know is very sensitive—I couldn’t help but start stroking my **** a little.  I wasn’t planning on ******* until they both did, but it was a bigger turn-on than I’d thought it would be, watching my best friend caress my wife right in front of me.


Chris traced back up her tattoo and back down, more quickly this time.  When he got to the waist-band of her panties he stopped.  Then he turned to me and said, “I really think I need to take these off to get the complete picture.”


When I nodded, he turned my wife a little with his hands on her hips so he could see her face.  When she realized what he wanted, she looked at him, smiled a little and said, “If you must.”


He turned her back to her previous position and ran his fingers along the waistband of her panties to the slight gap at the middle of her back.  He slowly slid the index fingers of both hands into this opening and ran them slowly back out to her hips, then started working her panties downward.  His breathing quickened as her *** came into view.  When he got her panties down to her knees he let go, moved his hands back up to her hips and said, “Honey, you’re going to have to take it from here.”


This direction had the effect of moving her *** almost into his face as she bent over to remove her underwear.  When her *** was only about an inch from his face he leaned forward to close the distance and placed a quick kiss at the bottom of her tattoo/top of her cheeks.  Damn!  I had to take my hand off my ****, close my eyes and grab a few deep breaths just to keep myself from squirting right then and there!


Chris was being a lot freer with his hands now and seemed to have forgotten I was there.  He caressed my wife over every inch of her skin he could reach without getting up—he could just tickle her nipples and stopped her turn long enough to give her **** a quick stoke (making her produce that moan I love to hear from her).


“Well,” Chris finally said, “I think you certainly LOOK as sexy as the woman on the commercial.  Actually, much more so.  But ‘sexy’ is more than just looks, it’s also about how you act.  Do you think you can *act* sexy for me?”


I made sure my hands were well away from my ready-to-explode **** as she gave him a *very* sexy smile and then reached for the pillow next to his end of the couch.  She put the pillow on the floor between his knees and knelt down on it, keeping eye contact with him the entire time.  She started stroking his inner thighs starting at his knees and working north in short up-and down strokes.  He leaned back and looked over at me, getting a grin and a thumbs-up to encourage him, so he settled himself to enjoy the experience.


When my wife unzipped his pants, his **** almost jumped out at her.  I’d seen it before but I wasn’t sure that I’d ever seen it quite so long—he was really ready to squirt for her.  I hoped she would slow down a bit and draw it out—I’d never seen him *** more than twice in a session and I knew she’d want more than that from him, now that she was definitely into it.


My wife just looked at it for a moment—not touching it—and said, “Now you’re going to behave for me, aren’t you?  I want to enjoy sucking on you before you *** in my mouth.  In my mouth—got it?  I don’t waste *** from anyone.”


Chris closed his eyes took several deep breaths, trying to calm himself—it looked like it was all he could do to keep from squirting on her face at that moment, but after a couple of minutes he got himself to a point where he could say, “Okay, baby, my **** is at your disposal.  You have your fun.”


She smiled at him, then grinned wickedly at me, letting me know she did intend to draw it out as long as possible (excellent!).  She gently disentangled his **** from his briefs and made him raise his hips so she could pull his jeans and briefs off over his knees and down to his ankles.  She took her time removing his shoes and socks, then pulled his jeans and briefs off and threw them over her shoulder, flashing him a grin as she did so.  Chris couldn't seem to make up his mind as to whether he wanted to watch my wife minister to him or stare at the ceiling.


Chris was looking up at the ceiling when she started caressing his thighs again, this time with her tongue.  He groaned when her tongue started stroking his balls.  She licked them all over, kissed them and took each one into her mouth.  Then she started kissing up and down the shaft, working all the way around it with her tongue and covering every inch with the saliva from her hot mouth. 


My wife loves a **** in her mouth—I’ve only had to beg her to suck me off when she was in a particularly teasing mood (which only adds to the fun).  So I knew that she was in heaven when she slid her mouth slowly over the swollen head of Chris’ ****.  I couldn’t see what her tongue was doing, but I suspected she was tonguing his hole and massaging the underside of the head.


Then she did something I’d never seen her do before.  She let her mouth pop off of his ****—it actually made a soft popping sound—and said, “Beg me to let you *** in my mouth, Chris.”  This surprised me since she is usually very deferential to me when we go at it—I’m usually the one making her beg for it.


Chris was ready.  He looked at her eyes and seemed captivated by them as he begged, “Please, honey, please let me *** in your hot, wet mouth.  I’ll do anything for you just PLEASE let me *** in your mouth!”


I fought the urge to shove my **** in his face and let him suck me while she finished him off but I held back and let them go it alone.  I wasn’t going to let either of them get away until they’d both serviced me—I could afford to be generous and let him enjoy her attention without distraction.  My eyes were glued to her face as she smiled, then said, “I’m going to hold you to that, you know…”, and slowly moved to slide her mouth back over his head.  She paused for a moment, then started sliding her head up and down over his ****, going just a little deeper with each downward motion.  Chris moaned and grabbed her long, brown hair on about her third stroke and finger-combed it over her head—letting me have a clear view of her mouth as she worked.  I knew it was his way of thanking me for this experience.


After a few more strokes I could see that Chris was about to explode so I said to my wife, “You swallow all his *** now, baby.  Don’t you spill a drop—you swallow it *all* down!”


With that, Chris groaned more loudly and grabbed her hair with both hands, pulling her more forcefully up and down his ****.  She gagged a bit—she has an active gag reflex and my **** always triggers it when it hits the back of her mouth.  I know how that feels on the head of my ****—I love the feeling of her throat spasming, like it’s trying to massage my ****, too—and I was sure Chris would like it, too.


Suddenly Chris stiffened and my wife started gulping frantically—trying not to lose any of his precious ***.  It seemed to take forever before he was finished shooting his juice down her throat but she kept swallowing until he was done.  My wife believes *** is the most delicious source of protein she can get and sucks me off at every opportunity.  When Chris started softening, she wrapped her hand around his shaft (the first time her hands had touched his ****) and held it to her mouth so she could suck on it like it was a straw—making sure she got the last drop.  Then she tenderly licked up and down his **** to clean it off.  When it was cleaned, she gave his hole a long, sweet kiss as she gazed into his eyes.


My wife is good so I could sympathize with Chris as I saw his **** start to stiffen again, but my wife backed away and pulled the pillow over to me and proceeded to position me to her advantage, preparing to repeat the performance with my ****.  She wasn’t going to have to work long on me, though.  I was already about to shoot.  So I stopped her and said, “I think you should be more comfortable—why don’t you lay on the couch to suck me?   I’m sure Chris won’t mind if you lay your legs over his lap, will you Chris?”


“No, buddy—I wouldn’t mind at all.  Anything to make your lovely lady more comfortable.”


My wife took one look at my **** doing its best impression of a flagpole and wisely decided that she wanted to remove all my clothing first.  After she had me completely naked, Chris and I made liberal use of our hands to help her get comfortable on her stomach—her head in my lap and her *** on Chris’ lap.  Even before my wife started on me, Chris was stroking his finger up and down her butt-crack, moving slightly closer to the prize between her legs with each stroke.  She looked up at me and I saw on her face that she was loving every minute of this.


My wife apparently decided she wanted to make me wait to *** for her because she didn’t head for my **** at all.  She started kissing my stomach gently, running her tongue up my chest and tweaking my nipples with fingertips coated with her hot saliva.  This was fine with me--I wanted to give Chris a chance to recover and join us, and it seemed my wife was thinking along the same lines.  While my wife attended me, Chris was beginning to play more seriously with her bottom.  He looked at me and slid his hand between her thighs, making her spread them a little.  He pulled his hand away, making her moan a little in protest, and then I saw him wink at me just before he thrust his middle finger in her dripping ****-hole, turning my wife’s moan into a groan of pleasure.


He finger-****** her for a minute or so and I saw that his **** was standing at attention again so I said, “Man, go ahead and slide it in her.  You know you want to and that hot, wet hole is just waiting for you.”


“I think I will—where do you keep the condoms?”, he asked.


“Hey, we’re all friends here—just slide on in and ride her bareback.”


Chris didn’t need telling twice.  He lifted my wife’s hips up and repositioned her so that he could get out from under her, making her kneel on the couch with her *** facing him.  He stroked her back and said, “I’m gonna come in you in nothing flat, baby, so I want you to start sucking your hubby so we can both *** at the same time.”  Then he started to slide into her ***** slowly saying, “Suck him, baby…suck him…go on…take him in your mouth…let him **** your face like I did….”


Oh, I was so glad he told her to do that!  I’d been only inches away from grabbing her head and going for it.


She dispensed with the preliminaries and slurped my **** right into her mouth, massaging the head with her tongue as her mouth tightened around it.  I grabbed her hair and said to Chris, “Let’s get it together, man…on the count of three…1…2…3….”


On three, we both started—he shoved into her while I pulled her head down on my ****.  Her throat spasmed again, but this time I got to feel it instead of just hearing it.  We used the rhythm I’d suggested doing the countdown and on the fifth stroke Chris yelled, “Buddy, I can’t take it any more—let’s *** on three!”


That was fine with me so I again counted, this time with our thrusts, “1…2…THREE!” and let loose a flood into my wife’s mouth while I watched Chris stiffen and close his eyes as he shot his load into my wife’s waiting *****.  My wife must’ve been ready and shuddered at the same time that we let go in her.  I heard her moan escape her mouth around my **** and felt some of my *** escape along with it, onto my balls.


After we caught our breath, my wife was the first to move.  She started to lick up the *** that had dripped out of her mouth but I stopped her as soon as I realized what she was doing.  “No.  You didn’t swallow it so you’re gonna have to share it with Chris.  Chris, my man, why don’t you come clean up my **** while I clean your *** out of my wife’s *****?”


Chris, who had been watching us intently, sprang into action.  He lifted my wife completely off the couch and flipped her over on her back with her ***** facing me, then gently laid her down on the couch.  Then he came over to me and took my wife’s previously abandoned position on the floor between my knees.


When we'd shared an apartment in college, I’d learned that Chris loved to suck **** as much as I did.  We’d been able to help each other through the occasional dry spell between accommodating girlfriends and had revisited those enjoyable encounters several times over the years.  It had been a while since the last time we’d serviced each other and Chris seemed as eager to get his mouth on me as my wife had been to taste him.  I closed my eyes and let him work his magic, then I leaned over and started licking his *** off my wife’s swollen *****.  I concentrated on the outside, occasionally tickling her **** with my nose while I worked and making her sigh.  Then I started to work deeper, digging my tongue into her ***** and sucking hard to pull out all of Chris’ delicious juice. 


When I started cleaning my wife more aggressively, Chris started pumping my **** more aggressively.  He had it back to a solid shaft in no time and I took a break to look down—his hands were pumping his **** hard and it looked like he was working toward letting off another load.


“Wait, Chris.”  I said.  “My wife still has one hole you haven’t tried and she doesn’t like it when *** gets wasted.  You’re gonna have to **** her in the ***.”


Chris looked up at me, clearly torn between finishing me off and ******* my wife’s backdoor.


“We’re both gonna *** in her—I’m gonna *** in her ***** and you’re gonna *** in her ***.”


My wife’s eyes got huge when she heard this, “I’ve never done that before!”


“Well, you’re gonna do it now."  I replied.  "Come here.”


I made her straddle me but didn’t let her slide down onto my ****.  “Chris, shove into her ***** a few times and get yourself nice and wet.  Lube yourself up good to **** that ***.”


Chris followed my instructions, pumping my wife about five or six times, then pulling out.  I pulled my wife down onto my **** firmly, and said, “Slide it in, man.  Let’s show her how it feels to get double-pumped.”  Then I pulled my wife’s mouth to me and slid my tongue into her mouth, wanting all her holes filled at the same time.


My wife gasped as he started shoving his **** up inside her tight ***.  When he was completely inside her, he laid his chest against her back and I heard him whisper in her ear, “Thank you, baby, you have no idea how good this feels.”


We all held that position for a minute, giving my wife time to get used to the feeling.  But I was almost ready to shoot off again and so I started squeezing her hips with my hands, indicating to her that I wanted her to get moving and ride my ****.  She did and Chris rose and dropped with her a few times, obviously reluctant to slide out of her back end.  Then he shifted position so he was able to brace his knees on the couch around my legs, almost sitting on my knees.  When he was in this somewhat more stable position, he put his hands on my wife’s hips over mine and started helping her ride—his long, hard **** sliding almost out of her with each stroke while we all started to get a good rhythm going.


I kept my tongue in my wife’s mouth but suddenly realized her breasts were being ignored.  I lifted one hand from her hips to tease one nipple and Chris, seeing my movement, reached around with one hand and stroked the other one.  After several good, strong thrusts my wife moaned, “I’m gonna ***…I’m gonna ***!”


“You *** for us, baby,” Chris told her.  “You *** for both of us right now!”


One more thrust had my wife crying out as her ****** shook her body.  The next had Chris jettisoning his load in her *** and so I let myself join them on the next one.  We all collapsed, my wife sandwiched between Chris and me.



We lay there for a while, all of us spent.  When I could move, I stroked my wife’s hair and she looked up into my eyes.  “Did you like that, love?” I asked.


“Mmmmm..hmmmm!” she replied.  She obviously wasn’t going to be terribly coherent any time soon.


Chris was stroking my wife’s shoulder gently.  “Why don’t we go to the bedroom and get more comfortable?” he suggested.


“I’m not sure my wife can move right now,” I replied.


“I’ll carry her.  I’ll carry you, too, if you need it.  I’m on top of the world right now and I’d do anything for you guys.”


I let him lift my wife off of me and followed him as he carried her to the bedroom.  I pulled down the comforter and stepped out of the way and around to the other side of the bed so that he could lay her in the middle.  As he climbed in next to her, he kissed her and said, "Baby, you are, without a doubt, the sexiest woman I've ever known.  You put that woman in the commercial to shame."


My wife smiled at him and closed her eyes.


I climbed in on the other side of her and we all cuddled close. 


Just before I fell asleep, I thought to myself, “This looks to be the start of something amazing…”




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