Story No. 1 - Vance

He is not the first man that I have met online mentally with to follow up with an actual in person meet.  He is just most memorable and today I learned, suprisingly, some things.  Now, I do not know what to do... but, that's not true... I do or I will figure it out.

Because this is my first story, I will give you a little about me... I have a few things going for me... brains, some beauty, some money, lots of experience and desire... but then all of those would be relative to what (and who).  So, let's just say, I've hung with the jet set, have less than them... and I've hung with the coal miner's daughter, when she she still lived in the coal town.... trust me, it is all relative..... oh, and I have been online for about a year and a half, right after I filed for divorce.

Ok, back to Vance..... Once in a while a piece of gold shows up.... and one did in March of 08.  He was everything I could ever want in a man.  Kind of laid back, kind of relaxed, but still intense, educated, well employed, single, never married (but I normally question this), etc.  Perfect.  Absolutely Perfect.  Too Perfect.  Too perfect for me not to suspect. 

I have tools which others don't to look for someone... and, frankly, it is in my nature.  I don't trust, until proven.  The smartest man I have met, gave me his card at our first meet.   Vance didn't.

So, I met Vance, though I had my doubts, without any proof, and he was perfect.  Perfectly detached.  Perfectly adding to my suspicions.

You see, Vance drove a car with temporary tags.  There were just so many things.  But, in truth, I so wanted it to be true and real.  He was all that I had ever wanted.  I walked away.  That was April of 08.

At Thanksgiving, I saw that he had looked at me.  I wrote him a haha email, that it was me, and we spoke briefly.  Well, he actually called me, and there was a bunch of sick do you love me requests, but something was off in him.... he was weak.

So, we didn't speak again until I sent him a Happy New Year, then Happy Valentine's Day email.  And now, we are meeting in 2 weeks. 

But, today, he did something truly remarkable, he let down his guard.  I have yet to figure out whether it was on purpose or not.  He never would provide me with any information that I could cross check.  He professed to be someone of discreet power, yet I could find nothing.  I did confirm that there was a residential address for the name he provided, but I never called.  He also called me on his cell and I had that number, but he said it was a corporate satelite phone. 

Today, he gave me two pictures.  The first one is of him posing as super man, but he has a runner number on his leg.  The second picture is of him on the beach, wearing reflective sunglasses with a woman in a very dowdy bathing suit on.  Now I know his name and presume she is his wife.  He has been so incredibly secretive (for good reason), so why now?  Why let the holy wall down?

Two weeks is a very long time.


I think I will update this story as it progresses.... but this is where I am now... LOLOL


Waywardandsearching Waywardandsearching
Feb 27, 2009