Public Tease

I like to tease guys; in fact I like it so much that my inappropriate behavior has turned even more devious. Just recently I began walking early in the morning down the streets and was getting off flashing my *** and giving guys a quick feel of my big *******.

The old guys really like it. When they see my big boobs the first thing they do is reach out and try to touch me. Secretly I love doing that for older men. I bet they don't get to see much at home...

I had these exhibitionist tendencies for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until I started flashing guys outside that my little adventures turned into a lot more. After walking around for awhile and lifting my top or pulling my skirt up I was starting to get bored and thought I'd try an even more public place.  

I tried the music store and the guy who worked there was more than happy to find a disk for me. He was even more accommodating when I flashed him a *** and let him have a quick feel.
It's the touching that really gets me wet. The flashing is fun, but when guys start touching my sweet ****, that are when I really get excited.

By the time I left the music store my little ***** was beginning to purr. I had to have more. I went into a clothing store and with a devious little smile yanked my skirt up again so that my *** cheeks were exposed. I could feel my ***** getting more excited as I walked down the center aisle and could feel the eyes upon me.

All I had to do was bend over a little and my little skirt rode right up, revealing my tight tanned *** cheeks. I had to do something quick. I needed more attention. My ***** needed more attention. My body was demanding some hot action. I couldn't help myself. I needed to get ****** and I had to have it soon.

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

Wow... something similar happened to me (in reverse). <br />
<br />
I was power walking through a local wooded park when I noticed a female walker just ahead of me. I was walking at a bit faster pace so it wasn't long before I passed her by. We said hello and she pulled at her tank top to reveal a lovely breast. I smiled and said thanks.<br />
<br />
About a half mile later I stopped at a park bench to rest and drink some water. The female walker came up and asked to join me. I wasn't going to say no, not with a chance to see her breasts again. However, as we sat there she tugged on the leg of her shorts to flash her ***** lips at me. Again, I smiled. <br />
<br />
Eventually, we walked off the trailed behind some trees where she let me feel her up while she played with my ****. She had me *** on to her pubic hair (as a memento)... <br />
<br />
Great memory.