A Day At The Lake

I picked you up from work early. It was a unseasonably warm October day. I had packed a light lunch. You saw it as I opened the door and put you in the car.

You asked where we were going and I asked how your day had gone, not answering. I placed my hand on your knee as we drove. You kept asking for clues, or whether you were getting hot or cold on your guesses. I just smiled at you and, taking your hand, kissed the back of it and rested both of our hands on your knee. With your hand in mine, I was making little circles on your leg above your knee.

We drove for about half an hour, heading north out of the city. A dam had been built and a huge lake formed to control the the rain runoff. Over the years it had become a huge recreation area, but this late in the year not many people enjoyed the lake. There were trails and a golf course, on one side of the lake, but recently the lake had some new occupants.

I took a back pack out if the trunk and helped you put it on. Tightening the straps accross your chest, I took this oportunity to run my hands along the sides of your breast, then down to your hips, where I pulled you close and give you a nice long kiss.

It's not a hard walk, but it's about 10 minutes. I take your hand and off we start. We talk a little and laugh, steal quick kisses. It's a nice walk. When we get to the spot I was looking for, I pull off my pack and pull out a blanket and spread it around. Next I pull out a tripod and a spotting scope. You look confused, but I still don't tell you anything.

I pull your pack off and pull out our late lunch, a little wine, a couple chicken salad sandwiches. A tub of strawberries and a couple cups of chocolate pudding.

Grinning I say, "I couldn't think of how to get some chocolate to stay melted."

We begin eating, talking, kissing and just enjoying the day. A large shadow startles us as I was leaning in to kiss you. Looking around, I know what it is, but you are still scanning the area, when I say, "come over here."

I move towards the spotting scope. I look through it and fiddle with the focus. It's not a tall scope, so I'm on my knees looking through.

"Come here and look," I whisper. You kneel down where I was, eager and facinated.

I kneel behind you, one leg between yours so I can look over your shoulder, breathe down your neck.

You lean forward and look through, you breathe in sharply as you realize what you are looking at.

The eagles nest is huge. Two little eaglets are being fed by their mother. The familiar white headed male is standing to the side watching the area, as if something would dare come near. As you watch, a steady stream of Aahs and OOOs come from you. For some reason this is making you even more sexy to me.

I begin to run my hand up your back. When I reach your neck, and lightly draw my fingers along the side, near your ear, you take in another breathe. I lean in close to you, making sure to direct my breathing along the back of your neck and down your shirt.

Now I run my hands down over your sholders and farther down your side, fingertips grazeing the sides of your breasts. Hands continue down, my thumbs rub the small of your back as my fingers grasp your hips.

You're still watching through the scope, but I can feel your breathing deepening. I start my hands back up, this time fully cupping both of your breasts. Squeezing lightly, I can feel your hard nipples, pointed and screaming into my palms.

I lean in and kiss your neck, then lightly bite, and suck a little. I let one hand drop and run lightly over your stomach and then your side to find your hot ***. With my hand on your chest, I pull you back into me so I can kiss and nibble the front of your neck, while tracing a finger around your nipple and sliding my other hand around your behind.

The eagles forgotten, I fall to the side bringing you with me, not letting go of you. We fall in sort of a spooning postition, but I roll you onto your back and raise myself above you, looking into your eyes as I lower my mouth to yours. Our tongues meeting, exploring, fighting for command. Its a fight I don't mind losing.

I lean on one arm and grab your shirt and pull it out of your pants. While trying to smother you with kisses, I work your shirt up and over your arms and head. Pulling mine off as yours passes your face, I don't want my mouth to be away from yours for a single moment. We roll onto our sides as I fumble with your bra. I've never been able to open these, and you laugh and push me onto my back.

You straddle me, sitting on my stomach and hips, you watch my face as you reach behind and in a swift move, unlock your bra and pull it off. Covering yourself with one arm, you toss your bra onto my face. I breath in deeply, it smells like you, and then I pull it off, and look at you.

Holding my hands out for yours, you slowly uncover yourself, and my eyes light up. They always do when your beautiful breasts are exposed for me. You place your hands in mine, and then bring my hands up to your chest. You force my hands to cup your breasts squeezing your hands over mine to get me to grip you harder.

Your eyes close, and you sway a little as I rub and squeeze your boobs. One of your hands glides down your stomach and begins undoing your pants. Then lower, undoing mine. You lay forward on me, almost bonking my head and wiggle out of your pants, panties and all. I raise my butt off the ground and begin to pull my pants down also, but I can go all the way down because you're on top of me.

You work your way back up to straddle me and reach behind you to finish pulling my pants off. I can feel the heat of your ***** on my stomach. I reach up as you're twisted and place a finger tip on the nipple I can reach. When I'm undressed, you turn back to me and then I roll us over so you are on the bottom.

I hold your arms to your side, and finally close my mouth onto one of your hard nipples, sucking licking biting, then the next one back and forth till you're moaning. Kissing down, I have to let go of your arms, in order to lift your knees and expose your beautiful ***** to my mouth.

Lightly kissing the insides of your thighs and working my way to your outer lips, I start as low as I can and run my tongue all the way to the top in one swift lick. I do this three or four times, then force my tongue in between the lovely folds. Still licking bottom to top, I carefully avoid your ****, teasing you. Making you squirm as my tongue assault every thing but your hard little button.

You can't stand any more and grab a handfull of hair, pulling me into place and holding me where I can lick and suck and nibble your ****. I slowly work a finger into you as I feel like you are getting close, and that pushes you over the edge. Your hands forces my mouth hard onto you, and I work my tongue faster and faster. Your thighs begin to quiver and I hear you panting, "yes yes yes oh god don't stop that.."

I feel your ***** clamp down on my finger and I am rewarded with the extra wetness of you *******. I continue working my tongue around you, till your hands let up and, then I run my tongue deep into you, tasting you, drinking you.

I begin to crawl up you. Kissing everything in reach. I find your mouth and again our tongues meet, you kiss my face, tasting you on me. As we kiss, I begin to rub my penis up and down your wetness, and then begin to enter you. Slow, but steady, until I'm fully inside. Your eyes are closed, but I love the expression on your face. After a moment, I begin to pull out, but then back in, as you make little sounds of pleasure. Slowly in, out, then faster and faster. You look up at me, I can't hold back any more, now that our eyes are locked. I explode in you, crying out. Painful and exquisite. I blink away my wanting to look away. Your eyes are all I see. Finally I lower my face to yours, kissing, and relaxing onto you, trying to not look away.

I roll off of you and pull you onto me, resting your head on my chest. I play with your hair, as the huge shadow crosses over us again. I watch the eagle circle around and hear someone say, "Look the eagle's right there."

Your head snaps up, and you search around, then look at me.

I have a huge grin as I shrug my shoulders. I say that I didn't know. You look back up and see a couple moving away.

"Did they see," you ask.

"I don't know," I reply, "we weren't trying to be quite. At the very least they heard."

We find our clothes, watch the eagles for a moment, and repack all the gear.

I take your hand again, and we begin walking back. I start to say something, but hear them in the next clearing. The couple watching us, had started their own outdoor feast. I put my finger to my lips and direct you to where I'm looking.

A naked blond is on top of her boyfriend, smothering him with her love. I step on a twig, and I think it sounds like a shotgun going off. She snaps her head around to see us, but doesn't stop grinding on his face. With one hand pulling her nipples, she waved at us with the other. Looking back around, she kept up her rocking.

We watched for a few more minutes, when you took my hand and pulled us away. When we were far enough away, you stopped me, turned me, kissed me deeply. Then you said, "Next time, I'm on top. That looks like fun."
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Great story.

Thank you, Paladin.

you have written my fantasy..outside enjoying nature..being watched...being with nature..you are an excellent writer my friend..

I'm so glad you allowed me to share. But it will always be yours.