The Bus Stop

For a special friend, thanks for letting, me share.

The Bus Stop

It had been a bad day at work, nothing serious, but just one thing after another. It was all wiped away when you called and asked me to meet you at the bar.

"Don't be late," you teased, "or I might just ask for a ride home..."

The rest of the day flew by, at quitting time, I flew through the showers and shaved. Then raced to the bar, only to find you entertaining a couple of gentlemen who thought they stood any chance.

I step behind you, pull your head to the side and kiss your neck, "Is this seat taken," I ask. When you say no the two gentlmen slide away, already forgotten. I spin you chair the to side and step in closer, between your legs.

I run my hands up your black nylon cover thighs. The stalkings stopping mid thigh, attached to black garters. I followed the garter straps higher, and found......nothing.

You smile slyly at me, I love it when you go without panties. It means you are game for anything, anywhere. And after my day, I was also.

I ordered a Jack and Coke without taking my eyes from yours. Finally I took in the whole beautiful picture. Diamond stud earings, nothing dangly to get in the way. Good. A brillant white blouse, and a black bra, easily seen through the thin material of the shirt, with a mile of cleaveage showing. No wonder the sharks were circling when I got here. The bra and shirt did nothing to hide your hard nipples. The bartender almost spilt my drink when he reurned.

We made some small talk, while I ran my hands all over you. This was a new bar we found, and didn't know anyone, didn't care to know anyone. The whole world was right before me, everything I wanted and needed.

You worked your nylon covered knee in between my legs, finding my already semi hard penis. Standing, eyes locked into yours, we played with each other as much as we could that wouln't get us kicked out.

I look out the window and see a bus stop shelter with no lights. I got a wicked idea. The bus stop was in between two stop lights almost 3/4 of a mile apart. No one would stop near there, just speed by to the next light.

Kissing you deeply, I then whisper, "Come with me, you little tease."

When we reach the shelter, no one is there, and no lights come on. I sit down and you climb up and straddle my legs. You take my face in your hands and our mouths come together. Tongues exploring each other. You are grinding your naked ***** against my pants.

Finally you work my pants open, pulling them down, freeing my hard penis. You're so wet, you slide right down onto me. reaching the bottom, you let it settle into you, kissing me again and agian.

Cars and trucks are flying by, 25 feet from where we are *******. If they notice, that can't stop. I notice a couple brake lights, but they have no where to turn around.

Then you begin to rise slowly, your head leans back and then you suck in air through clentched teeth as you fall back down. Over and over. I open your shirt and pull your bra down under your breasts.

My hands cup your boobs and pinch and roll your nipples. You grab the back of my hands and together we work over your lovely breasts. I work a hand free, and slide it down over your stomach and find your ****, causing you to moan louder.

I am just ******* when you slam down and stop and *** along side me.

You lean into my shoulder, catching your breath. It's hot on my neck and makes me tremble.

You begin kissing my neck, working up to my face and mouth. We can both feel me stirring inside you. Just as I want to tell you to turn around and face away, a bus pulls up.

All the interior lights come on and six people on this side of the bus stare at us. You bury your head in my shoulder giggling. They have to know what we're doing. The doors open up and an older woman yells out, "You coming".

Before I can say anything, you snap your head around and say, "No thanks, we came already."

The bus drives off, and I look at you, "I thought they were done for the night."

"They are, but these new stops have sensors that detect people, and send the next available bus." you said.

"You knew that," I asked.

"Sure, just didn't know how long it took for them to get here, and how long it would take us to get there."

I couldn't let you go back into the bar, with us running down your legs, so I set you down on the seat and ran my tongue up and down your thighs, licking all our juices up, and giving you anouther ******, that you made me clean up also.

Finally, you let me stop, and say, "Let's go back in and get a drink, then maybe see if there's a midnight bus."
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

you captured all of my fantasies in one story. your writing makes me feel that i am there. you are an awesome writer. you might want to think about posting on literotica..

That's one of my favorite websites. I've lost many days in there:)