Make Yourself Clear And I Won't Have To Analyze In The First Place >:[

What ever I can come up with in my mind from looking at it- viewing it at angles usually not logically possible- is always worse than the truth.

I try not to. Logically I know the situation/words/whatever do not warrant the amount of thought I put into it but my mind keeps wandering. Keeps mulling it over. Coming up with new and even more painful explanations.

And in the end because I know I'm over analyzing I leave it. I don't try to clear it up because I don't want to offend/hurt the other party.

I try to push it to the back of my mind but it's there. Niggling. Souring my relationships because I can't let go of something stupid that my mind has blown out of proportion.

BeteNoire BeteNoire
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

hehee this is a little like how I dissect things to the point where I cant even reassemble them let alone figure out what to do with them at the moment. I think ive baffled everyone from my mother to a suitor to a therapist in the last 4 months so if ever you find me confusing feel free to ask me to clarify. lol. particularly if ive offended as it would never be my intent =)

Yeah, by the time I'm done sometimes I'm not even sure what the original issue was lol