It Sucks In a Long Distance Relationship

I naturally over analyze things. it really is a double bind. it can be really great, or really bad. this is why i am a philosophy major, because i thought i could turn my weakness into a strength, too bad right now it's working against me. I make myself sick sometimes from over analyzing. let's take my current relationship for example. my boyfriend was deployed for 7 months in iraq, it was HARD. anything that he said or did via messenger or phone, drove me completely crazy because that is all i had to go on, whatever he said. it was so easy for me to take things the wrong way, or think of a million possibilities of what could go wrong. i think what's worse is over analzying, and putting a negative twist on it. so i find myself constantly on a slippery slope to no where productive. gosh i wish i could quit this habit, but i feel if i don't over analyze, i am being naive. can i ever win?

notinthemood notinthemood
22-25, F
Mar 19, 2009