Over Whelming Feelings

I been getting over whelming feelings.

I am dealing with more and more things come in to my life and it is hard for me.

And to deal with them I am learn to write things down.
What I should get down and what day I am do.
And I am learn to write more and more .

About my feelings that is going on with me.

It used to be depression and now it has turn to over whelm feelings.
I had a Lady to come on the week days to come and help me with things and she got sick.
And I have to depented on me .
And that is where the overwhelm feeling are comeing.
And the Doctor  does not wanted to give me in thing for it.
So I am learned to write to you people and talk that way with my feelings.

Thankyou for reading my things.
And dealing with the overwhelm feelings.

Go in restrauants and store and city bus and deal with people and it is hard for me .
When the over whelm feeling and think thing will not every get done.
Thiis is new for me.

I am sorry for you deal with over whelm feelings.
All the good luck to you.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2007

Thank you for write to me about that helped <br />
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