Internal Dialogue

I've been told everything from "You have too much internal dialogue.  Just relax." to "You're the most neurotic person I know!" 

I worry about EVERYTHING which in turn, leads me to overanalyze things that really don't require much thought at all. 

Body Image Overanalyzations: I constantly check my makeup.  Does this eyeshadow look even?  I need to curl my eyelashes.  Do I have anything in my teeth?  The list goes on & on.  Are those people staring at me because I look like a dork?  Are they talking about me?  I probably should'nt have worn a skirt...

Relationship Overanalyzations: Is he not answering the phone because he's somewhere he shouldn't be?  If he says he's bi-sexual, is he really just gay & afraid to come out of the closet?  Is he going to leave me for a man in 10 years when he's finally comfortable w/ his own sexuality?  Irrational!

OK so I'm a little off the wall w/ some of this but that's what drives me nuts.  I keep comforting myself & then I throw another curveball & get the wheels turning all over again. 

Apparently this is normal in some sense considering that other people have joined this group....tell me your stories.

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3 Responses Aug 2, 2007

I'm not sure what I am doing here I am in desperate need of getting my life in order. I sick and tired of not doing the things that I need to do so I typed ( a plan to get one's life in order) in Google search and This was the site it lead me to . I was looking for a plan I need a plan yet I'm so tangle up in my own junk to do anything but work and pay my bills aside from that I make sure that I run everyday and I have laid down most of my vices I've tackle most of my demons yet they are always hanging around the corner of life and if I get out of line I know that I will fall like a million domino's. <br />
So I'm not sure but I may be qualified to be here . I have been through a lot in my life . I took the wrong rode when I was very young , before I even acquired a mind, and my decision lead to a lot of hard ache and trouble. By the grace of God I made it out of that way of life meaning the wrong way of life yet I really still have no clue to the real way to live. I know what doesn't work. I know that pretty good.<br />
I would like to share with you something from my experiences , know that I am no expert and that I am no one to give advice yet for me I gave up relationships and have not Been in one for a long time I know that unless I am together my self , I have no business in a relationship. <br />
Every time I was in a relationship in end in a bad way but being in the relationship it self was at most times destructive . I'm not saying that you should not be in a relationship Lord knows the Love I've shared with the girls I've been with was at times light for the world to see . I know how great it is and how great it fells the be in Love. Yet today I chose not to be in a relationship until I get my self to a point where I know that I am ready for one . I may not ever get in a relation , well not a sexual one at lest I need some more. <br />
I've done lost my train of thought and what I thought I might share with you, yet I just want to see how this works. I hope to share with you more only because I know all to well and from many experiences how it feels to feel Crumbled,,,,

When it comes to your relationship, I think you need to analyze it more.<br />
He sounds like He's too unstable for a meaningful relationship.<br />
Of course, I over analyze too so maybe I'm just speculating... :O)<br />
I have conversations with myself around the Clock, but I know it's me so it's OK... ;O)

It sounds tiring. I've been told I don't analyze things enough, so it probably all balances out over the human race as a whole.