I Always Think The Worst Is Goin To Happen

When somthing bad happens to me i always overanalyze whats gonna happen next i even imagine when i have to go do somthing ,somthing bad is gonna happen like im gonna lose control or somthing i hate feeling this way does anyone feel this way? i cant stand it anymore. I had a really bad event one time...panic attack i felt so ashamed that i couldnt control myself all i do is worry about losing it again. I have been doing fine and nothing happens. I just want to be able to stop overanalyzing events i need to do it makes me feel sick and want to cry.
Torishu Torishu
22-25, F
1 Response Oct 6, 2010

True but i still tend to do it its like my mind has a mind of its own. but thanks your right:)