Finally Beating Anorexia!

Not knowing how or why I became Anorexic in the first place, I followed the eatting discorder doctor's meal plan, but before this I found myself lossing more and more weight and I don't ever want that to to happen again. While growing up, everything was going fine until I hit middle school where at the age of 13 I was 100pounds. I gained weight just before freshman year of highschool and that is when I worked out more and ate less. I saw that is normal and there was no promblem. I went from 115pounds to 107pounds. To 105pounds. To 103pounds. To 102.6pounds. My parents sent me to a dietiansion where she was to help me gain and mantain weight but since being with her, I lost weight even more and I went down to 99.2pounds. That was when everyone know. Including myself, that there was a problem. We went to the hospital and for a month now I have been seeing the eatting discorder doctor and since I have been placed on the meal plan that the doctor has put me on, I have gained weight. I am hoping to gain my weight that I need to weight once again, one of these days, but it will take a while and I am willing to wait. I will beat this once and for all.
Tina244 Tina244
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Good for you; keep it up.