A Newfound Look At Life

Back a while ago (it seemed to start around 5th grade), I began to feel worthless.

I began to feel as if the world around me would be better off without me. I began to sleep less, and I began to let the smallest things get to my head. My want to be perfect at everything and the pressure of the idea that everybody around me would be happier if I were not here. I actually began to contemplate suicide,  while maintaining a facade that I was happy. On the inside, I was disgusted with myself. I just wanted to rot away by myself. It wasn't until 8th grade when a friend (she's passed on) helped me come out of my shell. I feel that she was one of the only people that accepted me for who I am. With this stunning revelations, I began to look at life in a new point of view. This friend helped me find what was important inside myself. As I began to find these important things, I began to appreciate and love myself more and more each day. This friend helped me understand that other people have felt this way before, and I have found one new purpose... to help those without friends see that regardless of how many friends one has, they are appreciated and loved as a person to someone.
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