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I started a blog on Experience Project. I feel low often times and I decided to get out of this for good. I started a blog, and for now I am monitoring my progress and writing about what helped me each time I felt down, - how I climbed up. My goal is to reach blissful, rewarding, happy states without anything artificial, only my own efforts. My goal for right right now, is to feel definitely better after one week.
So check it out, maybe it would be useful for you.
Here's the link:

I am updating this story. I am writing now about managing manic states as well. I am bipolar, and I gather insight on how to take care of manic and depressive states. Just to say that now mania is included in my blog.
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Honestly it is not easy overcoming these states i even had o c d which manifested itself in bbreathing obsession it was hell but i found cure peace and rest inGOD i read spiritual and inspirationalbooks like battle field of the mind by Joyce Meyer it really made the difference bottomline is that you r not at peace with yourself it could d be overstress and that is ur body's way of responding i found peace in GOD through his SON JESUS andiknow he can take depression away it is not t like the thoughts and fears don't come but i apply the Ssc<x>riptures through faith in GOD