Caught In A Never-ending Whirlwind Most Of Us (Believe) Will Never Escape

Just A Thought, Or Two,

Thanks to The Rockefeller Foundation for providing the most debilitiating institution this world will ever know, the U.S. gov't school system introduced here and abroad in the 1930's modeled after old Prussian, Germany's socialist system designed to mold and control societies, our desire for predictable and safe pleasures keeps us in a few irreconcilable cycles of self-destruction:

1. Life loses its mystery. Inspiration is replaced by jaded and cynical thoughts that cripple the imagination, our prime survival tool (not to mention a great deal of fun!)

2. Because we lack inspiration, we lose the inability to process lows. Depression and sadness hit harder and its effects are felt longer. Those around us cannot help us, because they are just as confused about the constant pressure to feel happy and satisfied.

3. Survival itself loses meaning. We turn to thoughts of past, future and alternative lives not our own, and focus on finding justification and survivalist meaning in our addictions, no matter how self-destructive.

In exchange for this living hell, we give all our life force, energy and spare time (not spent indulging in our addictions) to the support of the system which provides them. In this case, that system is a series of gangs defining and maintaining distinct "nationhoods" – actually an artificial mockery of true nations – each comprised of a culturally engineered and tested set of addictive substances, services and "news events" to ensure that none of us escapes the "World Dynamics" model and the collective high we experience as "life."

Moral Of The Story:

Depression is a fact of life. Severe depression for most of us, that are not inflicted with a depressive mental illness, is a state of mind that doesn't require pharmaceuticals and therapy to discover what actually is.. Snap out of the trance and do everything in your power to gain as much control as possible of your depression and destiny before it does become a medical illness, and more importantly, RELAX. You very well may be  the only one capable of helping you!

Hurry up and figure it out and pass it on to your children and a friend!

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