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I don't know for sure if I overcame depression. I am not sure if that it is even possible. But I do know I am a million times better off then I ever have been before. I don't feel depressed any more. Far from it! I love life, and I love being alive, and each morning I am grateful that I have woken up again to experience all I can that day (until I realise I have work haha!).

I was depressed for a hell of a long time, too long. I was lonely, I was angry, and I felt like I had no way out of the hole I was in. That was why I came to EP in the first place. But nothing really changed.

But that changed? How, I am not really sure. I didn't see a doctor or 'shrink', I didn't go on meds, I didn't talk about it any more then before. But I need change my mindset. I saw where I was heading, I saw how depression was effecting me and my life. So I did something about it. I got my head straight. I got my mindset right. And I dragged myself out of the hole I was creating because I wanted to. I got up and changed and I am not looking back.

Now days, I believe I am a very inspried and driven young man. I am pushing myself, and finding myself in the process. Depression is in the past for me I belive. I won't forget it, I have learnt from it and moved on. And I am not going back, not ever.
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You are spot on there CrazyHippieChick. It effects people in very different ways (and I am not in any way saying how I did it was right). I think we just need to keep working at it, and chipping away a little bit at a time. I think that's the problem with a lot of people though, impatience. We got to take our time with these things, and keep moving forward one step at a time.<br />
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Thanks for the comment!

depression sucks. and we all deal with it differently.<br />
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it took meds, therapy, and falling in love for the first time for me to able to say, my depression is under control.<br />
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i still struggle with bulimia nervosa, but now that depression isn't boggling me down as much as it once did, i have hope for myself.<br />
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and it comes and goes for me, but there's a new outlook i feel. life is about so much more than depression. <br />
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great post reecey :D