How Much Can One Take?

I too have been diagnosed with a depression disorder. I found out a week or so ago. My first therapy session is tomorrow. I'm both excited and bit scared. When i speak of the "relationship" I'm having right now, I'm sure to hear something i don't want to hear or admit. No matter how truthful it is. I've found out through my own actions, that admitting when i'm doing something stupid isn't what i want to hear ( lol ). All i can do is keep at it. Don't let up on the therapy. I know when all said and done, i'm going to be a better man then i am now. Someone out there will eventually see that and want to be with me. No lies, pacifying or misleading.
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You are so right, stick in there and work as hard at threapy as you possibly can and you will beat this depression.<br />
I am rooting for you dear friend.<br />
Oh and I like your new name.

thank you. it was a nic my softball buddies gave me years ago. i should post a pic of me at 19. i think you'll see it

Do that, it would be good to see.

therapy is what you make it, been going for awhile, and it does help. some times its also drug therapy. good luck and just open up...<br />

So true. Ive sent your story to my son Eddie in Perth cuz he was chatting with me lastnight about hoe he was depressed and outta sight of his goals. Good onya for writing all this.

theres more to come i'm sure

Yeah i know. He mentioned thoughts of suicide, so iwas trying like hell to advise him to come back over here, and encourage him to quit the boozeing, but hes hooked on the money he can make over there and theres no job here that can compare.

the booze will only fuel the depression. you know that. btw, check your mail in

Yeah i told him that. I said well at least start attending a 12step group like AA so to gain some decent friends that will be concerned about him. Hes hooked on smoking dope and that keeps him in a state of denial and stupor and mixing with the wrong type that are lost also.
So you are in Indiana?

No. Ohio.thats where she was until the 4th of August. living here with me. Shes really from Chicago. i'm betting now that i let the cat out of the bag, she;ll be haeded back there

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