I'm not sure there is a purpose for my life.
xdankeschoen xdankeschoen
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Omg, I have often thought the same, I'm just a tiny human out of 733 billion people on the planet- what difference can i really make to these 733 billion people?. The you think why should I care about other people? if you don't care about other people, and other people don't care about you, then why are you existing?

I do believe I have come to a conclusion and managed to answer most of thee above questions with answering these questions. What do you really want in life?. you don't have to be famous or be a politician to be influential to make a difference to someone life. You may want a family and be happpy and want to be able to provide for them efficently. And maybe you want to find true love and/or get well educated and get a degree and beyond or work on an existing talent till you are the best. This is what will give you true happiness and fullfillment of your life. you dont find yourself you create yourself. remember that. And dont look at what celebrities are doing these days- most of them dont have a talent and just show some flesh to get famous, they live with demons beczuse they are never truly happy.