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Great Things Can Happen

A short update to how things are going. GREAT!! The therapy is going great. My true love is back home. I haven't had a sad or bad thought in weeks. Mind you, i know I'm not healed yet but it feels real damn good to feel better. I wake every morning with a smile, instead of dreading even getting out of bed. Things, as always, could be better. But I'm quite happy with the way they are. I also know they will be getting even better sooner or later. Not expecting things has helped. Not wanting them is a big help also.
Grizzly007 Grizzly007 46-50, M 2 Responses Sep 29, 2012

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Know how your feeling, I'm so proud that you took the initiative to overcome depression which can cloud up life. Best wishes.

Hi Friend, really happy for you. Glad you happy and sessions are going well.
Good for you!