How It All Began And Ended

I'm 16 years old and I recently overcame my depression. It began when I was in 8th grade. I was 13 years old and I was friends with a boy who was really quiet. He wouldn't talk to anyone but me and a few friends. He was the only one to accept me in school and I was the only girl he was really close to. I started to really like him and 2nd semester came. He wasn't at school. I asked his best guy friend about him and he told me he changed schools. I was upset but I knew I would see him again someday. A few months passed and I talked to the person again about him. He looked me in the eyes and didn't want to say anything. I begged for him to tell me what happened and he looked at me again. He said that he died from a car accident. That was when I snapped. I ran away to the girls bathroom and couldn't stop crying. It was the first time anyone saw me cry. My family never knew about it but they did notice that I wasn't myself. I was depressed and wanted to kill myself but something kept stopping me. In my head, I kept telling myself that it was all a lie. 3 years later, I realized it really was a lie that traumatized me. I saw my old friend in my school. He never forgot about me and neither did I. We became really close friends again even though we both did change a little over the years. After a few months I noticed that my depression was starting to fade. He asked me out making him my first boyfriend and we have been dating for over 2 weeks. We had our first kiss recently and I've never felt happier. It's like all the sadness and pain that I felt over the years had suddenly vanished. I guess I could say that I overcame my depression by facing the source of my depression or in this case, how it all began.
theinugirl1 theinugirl1
18-21, F
Sep 30, 2012