I Love Me Now

 I know this sounds dumb, but one thing to remember about life is that you are the most important thing in only one mind...yours!

While others can come and go (sad as it is) if you learn to love yourself, you will want to improve yourself and experience happiness.

I hope this sounds clear, but the main thing is that once I stopped hating myself (and I did...suicide attempt in 2004) I found that it was worth it.  I could then see that the world wasn't horrible, it was just a skewed brain chemistry.

An it's very powerful to be able to say "Life sucks, but it doesn't really, it's just low serotonin levels!"

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3 Responses Jan 5, 2010

wow, that's great insight!

Change of life begins in the mind.

YES.....loving and accepting who we are will bring us to a higher understanding upon life... though life can be really devastating, we are given choices on how to look at it. positive attitude shall keep us stand tall.