It's A Long, Bumpy, Winding Road But There Is An End To It...

I battled depression for about 15 years. Medication never helped me. I found an escape through drinking, thought that the only time I was happy was when I was drunk. So I became an alcoholic and suffered twice as bad when I couldn't afford to drink. Depression was stopping me from socializing and achieving anything in life. It took a long time, but I eventually realized that covering up or escaping from my problems would never make them go away. Bad things are still there when you run away from them - you need to change them. The only way I found to do that was from within first. I had to change my perception of the world and figure out what & who I really valued in my life, then focus on those things. It's very hard sometimes but the battle can be won. Another thing some people might not realize would help depression and anxiety is a change in your diet. It's not just a mental disorder, stress on your mind as well as body has a lot to do with what you do or don't consume. Eat less junk food, more fruit and veggies for snacks. Less fast food, more home cooked meals. You'd be surprised how the little changes in your life can add up to a huge positive change in your overall well-being.

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I appreciate it. And hopefully we can inspire others who are suffering from depression and anxiety that it can be controlled and ultimately defeated.

Congrats to you as well and thank you!<br />
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It has been many many years since I went through that with the exception of some minor anxiety and panic attacks when my thyroid was shutting down(and the right dosage of thyroid medication fixed that)but other than's been a wonderful depression..anxiety and panic free life.<br />
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Of course I believe that everyone feels a little down at one time or another in their lives but it doesn't have to overwhelm..nor does it have to stay and take over lives.<br />
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You'll do great and I'm wishing you all the very best!

Congrats! I dealt with anxiety as well, I still get the occasional panic attack but they're are less severe and less frequent. I know that since I've come this far, I'll be 100% better with more time.

Great story!<br />
Although I didn't turn to alcohol..I myself suffered from depression as well..along with anxiety and panic attacks.The medication made my depression worse so I decided that it wasn't for me and that I would find a way out on my own or just another way out.<br />
It took me three years and a lot of work with a twelve step program.Like you..I had to change my way of thinking.I had to get to know me and decide who I was and what I wanted and didn't want out of life.<br />
I had to make changes in my life because I couldn't keep doing the same things and expecting different results.It did work.and as you say..the battle can be won!