I Only Had My Licence For 2 Years

I learnt to drive and it was fun ... scary at first but i did like it and the driving instructor makes it even better

if you have a good one... I had 2 very good instructors and found they helped me over come the fear of driving

really well... but I only had my licence for about 2 years ... once I was raped and had the stroke I gave up being able to drive

I was on heavy medications and there is no way I could use a car with the tablets and I lost all confidence in myself

without practice...

its a disappointment to me as I really enjoyed driving and gained a great deal of confidence and new found sense of freedom

driving ... I loved the freedom and feeling of knowing I was able to move if I needed to... I lost my nerve after the rape

and I was always worried I didn't understand the car enough or road rules or other stuff like replacing a tire if needed

I hated going to the petrol station to get petrol and weird stuff ... i avoided busy roads and highways and hated people

trying to control my driving and bullying me into being a driver when I wasn't sure of my skills.

I wish I'd got my license a lot earlier in life but many of my sisters friends and my friends got their license at different stages

of there life and so what if its not all done when you are 15 anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I regret giving it up now ... but i had no other alternative... maybe one day I might get it again.... but its probably best loosers

like me dont drive.
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Mar 10, 2011