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I had my first anxiety attack Easter weekend, 2007. I was driving to my boyfriend's sister's house, which is an hour away. I was getting off the highway, and the connecting street was horrible. It curved to the left and was built way too high because I could not see the ground at all - just blue sky and the road. I felt like I was on a roller coaster that had just flown off the tracks. I've never been a fan of cliffs or steep drops anyway, but this was a million times worse. I regained my composure and continued driving, and unfortunately came upon a steep hill where I couldn't see the street continuing at all. It felt like I was driving off of a waterfall, and I slowed to a snail pace until I saw the street below me again.

Since then, I've barely driven. I can do ok going to and from my mother's house, which is 5 minutes away, but even then I have to take a Xanax and I still get some slight symptoms. I've tried to find a local support group but I've been unsuccessful (other than finding this site, which certainly shows promise so far). I've read a few websites about anxiety attacks, so I know that it's all in my head, but I don't think I have the willpower to change it. So for now, I'm confined to my apartment and my mother's house, and I hate it.
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Wow. You posted this is 2007 and nobody ever responded. If you are still coming to the site, I wanted to say Hello.