It's Taken A While But I've Done It...

I became addicted to cutting myself about two years ago, at the end of 6th grade. I did it A LOT..every time I had any feeling at all I did it to make the feelings go away. For a while it wasn't a problem that both of my arms from wrist to elbow were red. My friends did it and so did I, so it was acceptable I suppose. No one ever said anything about it and if they did I just told them it was from my cat and they accepted it. This past year though, my best friend Selena stopped cutting and burning and she was trying to get me to stop. I didn't want to stop and I wasn't going to. I kept on until one day she started crying after lunch and said "Don't leave me Sara, you're my baby sister and I can't do this alone" I quit cold turkey that day and haven't done it anymore since.
MalibuLove MalibuLove
13-15, F
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