SIAD (self Injury Awarness Day)

I do Believe it is on March 1st. I will be volunteering to self the ribons and possibly answer questions and interview peeps. I am feeling hyped and just want to remind everyone (if they want of course) to participate in any way they can. even if it means a si-er see's me wearing a orange ribbon and bracelet they won't feel alone is good enough at the very least!


ugh I just posted a question to see how many eper's are aware of this day,so far most of the answers are mockery of it =( oh whatever I AM still hyped about taking part and supporting other si-ers

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<3 honestly this is amazing of you i think if more people knew about it like other adictions it wouldnt be frowed apon or jugdeged as muuch

If it works I guess its okay. but I've read its just making the same signals to the brain. "im stressed-then the pain" which is what it results to only differ is its not cutting just another form of self inflicted shi.t.<br />
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you know there is this cool book that may be helpful. its called "stopping the pain" by Lawrence E Shapiro, PH.D - its a good workbook.<br />
<br />
plus reading books about self harm is good, the more you know about it the better plus it could help friends and family on the subject too so they can be more helpful and supportive.<br />
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the work book enforces you to tell family what to and not to do when talking about your SI so they know what and what not to say,

yea...i know and i hate that part..i guess something healthy could take the place...i snap a rubberband on my wrist when get the urge...does that count as self doesnt leave a bruise just a red welp that goes away in a few hours...wish i never started doing it in the first place

that's the thing about SI it takes a constant conscious effort. and plus you need to find something to replace it and all that.

lol thats 1 month last year i hadnt done it all but i caved...

not long lol just a few weeks.

I want to join this group so bad...How long have you been free from it...