Who... Me ? Nah *brushes Crumbs From Shirt*

I always used to say " no, really, I eat healthy , I just have a problem with exercise " and always saying I am not an emotional eater. "Stuff my face ? what do you mean , just because Im fat doesnt mean I sit on a couch each evening with bags galore infront of me containing all kinds of nasty"
Well this past 6 months or so I have become a full blown emotional eater , I just came to terms with this these past couple of days.

At first I was thinking about diets and loosing weight in general like so many do these first weeks of a new year, it is EVERYWHERE and I was thinking about whats and hows etc - I realised it is not possible for me to loose weight by simply exercising and keeping a healthy diet , my obesity is rooted in emotional problems , I gained all this weight over "hard" periods and struggling with this weight is giving me more "hard" periods. My mind kept wandering around the subject of maybe going to see some kind of counseling or "shrink" - and then it hit me what I have been doing for these past months - I overate with full knowledge and not giving a hoot about it , and this evening I went online to search the words "overeater" and then "emotional eater".
Of course the truth is I have been overeating more or less on and off in various degress for the past 20 years or something , at the age of 32 who am I trying to kid with an obese body like mine ? I'm not having any more lies to myself. I have already started to work on a list of triggers and alternatives as well as inspecting my past story - there's enough skeletons in my closet to keep me busy the next many many months so writing all this is a great start and I know it should keep me fuelled for wanting to change this "illness".
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I hope you can beat overeating. I know I have a problem with it, it's why i'm 370 pounds. I eat many times throughout the day and eat much more than I should at one sitting. I've recently started attending overeaters anonymous meetings online in a chat room. So hopefully that will help me. I'm not sure it will though. Good luck!