Food Is Too Easy to Reach

I overeat. Big duh, right? It feels like the place to start this. I'll admitt, part of it is probably from emotional eating. I'm not proud of it when I do it, but there you are. Personally, I prefer a good cry to eating a bowl, or two, of ice cream, but when I'm not sure how I feel, the ice cream is a coverall.

Its bored eating that really gets me. I do that ALL of the time. I can't even tell you the number of times I talk myself out of eating by telling myself "you're just bored" only to go back a few minutes later and make that sandwich or grab that box of crackers. Gah, crunchy foods!!! so tempting to me when I'm bored. I've had this problem for a long time, I realize. When I was younger, I remember dealing with it better--I'd grab a glass of water or I'd use it as a cue to draw something (I always drew best when I was bored back then). At one point I didn't eat after 8 to stop myself from night time snacking. Those all worked great. But now I just indulge myself & it kills me to watch meself do that to myself.

I recently came to realize how little I eat while I'm at work. Trust my, my job is BORING. Actually, I'm at work right now and I am not slacking of by being on here, writting this. In this economy, there isn't much for a weekend receptionist at a real estate office to do, you know? I get maybe an hour's worth of work a day and the rest of the 8 hours is spent on the internet or reading. Basically, its like I'm getting paid to veg out (not as great as it sounds, trust me). Yet while I'm here, I don't get the urge to eat as much as when I do the same thing at home. I don't usually take a candy from my candy dish. I sometimes have a cup of tea, but not always. Heck, right now I'm pretty bored, but I have no desire to eat the half of a muffin thats sitting in front of me. Maybe its becuase I know that if I eat it now, I'll really be hungery later & I have no other food except when I go home for lunch. Usually I don't even bring any food with me & I'm usually fine. Maybe its because food isn't easy for me to get to.

Yeah, maybe food is too easy to get at home. Its there, so I eat it. Hmmm...something to consider.

MsContrary MsContrary
26-30, F
Jul 19, 2009