After a Long Day's Work...

...the last train station before my stop...the carriage is already packed and many more await to maneuver their way through the empty spaces...the door opens...i hear a crashing sound, much the same as how a mobile phone would sound if you dropped it on concrete and all the little bits of plastic smash to tinier pieces...

three young guys walk in trying to look calm and cool...guy #1 says to guy #2 and #3: "i dont care. i'll just get a new one". guy #2 says to guy #1: "i bet you're all like 'noooooo!!!' inside". guy #1 loses the facade and answers: "haha. yeah, all my phone numbers GONE!"

then guy #3 speaks up: "at least you didnt lose your phone after you've only had it for 2 weeks...and all you did was go across the street and come back...i was so stupid!"

after writing that, i dont really know if it was as funny as i first thought it was. maybe i was really tired from a long day...and it's times like that when anything and everything can seem funny =)

missyme missyme
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2008