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Okay, the overly manly thing is just a joke but I am really charmed by middle-aged men, it was only little before but it became a serious thing now lol!

Young men do not really get my attention (which is one of the things made me think I am gay before), I like men in their 40's and it is not just about maturity, now that is for sure the most major reason why I like men in such age, but I am also starting to see older men really handsome and they have different handsomeness that Idk how to describe.

I am just fed up with the stupidity and carelessness spread in people my age (no offence) which contradicts what I said on here few days ago, that nowadays young people are more mature than older people, but when I said that I meant  GIRLS because men take them forever to mature (again no offence) and when I look at myself I just can't stand immaturity, I am reasonably a serious girl, I know how to have fun, but having "fun" is different from being immature and act childish! I see it around me, sometimes I feel like punching such guys and I think it shows in my looks! So, if I cannot stand such a personality or attitude from just strange guys around me, how would I ever commit to one!

I am not saying that all middle-aged men are mature or sane but most of them are, however, even though I think they are the most type that suites me for many reasons "which I will not mention" I know I would never get myself in such relationship, because as I said, I am reasonable enough not to take such risk, actually I NEVER take any risks, I NEVER follow my heart but I have to value everything entirely with my brain, so even though they charm me, I tend to only think about it but never act on it though I don't have an alternative, girls stopped being a good alternative to me, young men are annoying and older-men are not suitable even if I really think so!

There is no space for alternatives anyway, maybe just writing about it is more than enough for now.
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Good observation you make. :) You can do whatever you want. Whatever makes you happy. Whatever makes you comfortable. If you don't it's not right. Age doesn't matter in the end, it's about the connection you have with someone and they have with you. There is no way to say no to any one type of person. If you do, you cheat yourself from happiness. When you love you take the biggest risk, so prepare yourself my friend! :) Hugs

Thanks a lot for such a motivational comment! =) I'd love to say age does not matter, but when I say so, my brain just snap! lol!

I am not that concerned about the issue anyway, I am just leaving it for circumstances and the days! As I said, writing about it is enough for now, my life is too busy at them moment, now, no busyness can make up for compassion and being with someone but still it helps you have a good life on your own! Maybe one day I will be able to think the same positive way you are talking without too much of my brain interrupting my happy thoughts lol! * BIG HUGS*

I totally agree with a good life for yourself by your own work. I think in our culture, we are not really pushed to do this and later it can be a problem. Women should be self sustainable. Good luck! :)

Agreed! =D Thank you, I think I need lots of self-strength and some luck!

You can do it and if you ever think you can't ask me!!!!

=D I will come back to you if I have any doubts, deal! =P

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