Let Me Touch Thy Facial Bristles

5thapprentice and I are fighting about who can touch more Overly Manly White Men's beards!! BEWARE!! If you see a brown skinned guy dressed as a Thai prostitute do not let him near your manly whiskers!!!! Now come hither and let me stroke thy glorious bristles, gently.
righteouschica righteouschica
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I do have a natural beard not quite a year old, but it may scratch your soft hand.

ohh! yummy xD

But it may scratch your soft hands, I can use my beard as a paint brush if I have to .


But have you ever tried to paint with your chin. It doesn't work very well.

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You're story touched my soul, chica but hands off my beard :)

O>o ok...


Chica I ain't sure why cos I am in every way not a OMWM as you know, but you touching my whiskers would send a shiver down my spine ;)

really? ;)

Shucks :'')

What about men you have done battle with Chica?
I wont show a photo for legal reasons but picture a
longer haired, longer bearded Zach Galifianakis from
the movie "Hangover" the first before he cut his hair.
and make it auburn.

yes, its fine with me :D

You are allowed to count one more,
and yes I am prejudice
I dont let men near me.

hooray :D I am so gunna win this


Are you a barber? :)

LOL I wishhhhhhhh

Im doing hairdressing at college lol....I do love hair! It's never too late to start again and do hairdressing/barbering...I'm 40 and it hasnt stopped me. I like your story, it made me smile :)

aww thank you :D and I don't think that career is for me. I feel awkward touching strangers :P

OK, maybe not then :D I know what you mean, I did feel like that but have gotten used to touching strangers now :P

ahhh :D my mum is a beautician. she loves her job but it is harrrrrrrrd.

It IS harrrrrd....I know, I must be nuts :D

:D if its your passion, you will love it. I've never heard of a beautician complain about their job. I'd say they are probably the happiest people I've met.

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You can stroke my manly beard any time Chica, but as a human being I have never thought of myself as being or acting over manly. Now come here and play with my beard ;p

hooray! *rub rub rub*

good thing I don't have a beard !!! only a mustache....and he ain't getting anywhere close to that ! it's specially made for tickling girls.....in the right place. hehehe lmao :)

lmao! :P

You are indeed a worthy adversary.....but the battle is not yet won! 'Til I succumb to death's grasp I will continue to fight for every last beard!

I have already gotten 4 men down! ;) Like a true warrior, I shall never give up.

Lo ok. ;)

hurrah! that's two men down. :D

psshhhaww whoever said you got me down? :p

oh puh-lease ;) everyone knows OMWM have low will power when it comes to controlling their hormones ;)

Guess again. I have more willpower then you I assure you. ;)

false. ;D

Haha im confident I do. :p

I am confident you don't :P however, I already have a man so I can't test it out for you. I can, however, get the faux Thai prostitute to do it for you ;)

Lol but you dont know me. How do you know?

my womanly instincts.

Which are wrong most of the time. But its okay! You just think you know me. ;))

;O I do know you

Oh yeah? How much do you know?

everything. when and how you were born, your mothers middle name, to the color of your underpants on April 17, 2008. I know everything.

These are all lies. But feel free to surprise me. ;))

you are not allergic to peanuts.

Lol so fail.


Most people are not allergic to peanuts. Try again.

you are wearing a black shirt right now.

Nope dont like black. Wearing a red fleece sweater. ;))


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I think you have finally lost your mind!