A Great Example Is Now.

I just got a call from a secret number. It's 00:20 here so, the middle of the night. I know who it is. I'm almost 100% sure. It's not something I should have to think about but I've already started thinking about it.

Why did I get a call? Why at this hour? Who was it? Could it be anyone else than who I think? Should I have answered that? Did I just reject someone? Was that rude? Will there be more calls? Do I want him/her to call again? Will I be able to answer?...

You see what I do with simple little things. haha. I just got a text, so atleast I know who called now. :)
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

And was it Who you thought it might Be??

Yeah. :) Even though I didn't answer I liked to get that call. Yeah, I can be a bit weird. But who cares? It made me happier. :P

And that leads back to your previous post about being happy!!
Hope u ok now, and settled for bed!!

From mark2you xx