Dakota's Her Name.

So I grew up with a black lab, like literally we were born around the same time and we shared eachothers lives. When I turned 16 that all went away when my best friend "Shadow" died when I was 16, one week before my birthday. He was the best dog, loved everyone and everything even the cats, so remarkably gentle, and he loved to play in the water with me. After Shadow died, I never thought I would get over the tragic moment. So for two years I swore that I would not have another dog, no other could replace my baby.  Then I stumbled upon my Dakota, she is the most gorgeous black lab, she is one of the nicest pets ive ever had, ive had her since she was 6 weeks old. she is now almost a year old (in april) I know that no dog could ever take shadows place, but im so glad I found DaKota!

Hazeleyes90 Hazeleyes90
2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Awesome! Look back on the fact that God gave you 16 years of Shadow and that is a great honor!<br />
You are smart enough to see that Labs are the ultimate dog! No other dog sees into your heart like a Lab! I am so happy for you. I am not quite able to get a new pup, but I am getting close. I will try to post my story of Angel. When I do, you will see why I've waited.

i recently got a black lab puppy after my old girl died...she was 13.