Good Thing From A Bad Thing

In January I was in an accident in my 1997 BMW 528i.  My car was declared a total loss. The value of my car wasn't much even though it was well maintained. I put some money together and bought a 2003 Audi A4 quattro. It was a nice car, but it just wasn't a BMW and I wasn't happy.

I decided to sell the Audi and the second person that looked at it bought it. That was Saturday. On Sunday I searched online for a BMW I would be happy with for the money I had. I wasn't having much luck. I knew it would be hard to get financed since my last car loan was 20 years ago.

Then I went to a website that sold Certified Benz and Beemer's. In fact that is the name of the dealership. I found one I really liked. The problem was I only had half the money to buy it. I filled out a credit app anyway. and by noon the next day, they called and told me I had been approved.

I went in and signed the paper work. Now I am driving a fully loaded 2006 330i! I am in love with this car! It has every option you can think of and then some! So a good thing came out of a bad one. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason! I put a couple pictures of it on my profile. My husband says I love the car more than him and he just might be right! lol
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1 Response May 10, 2012

The BMW's are solidly built cars. I feel much safer when I'm driving mine than I do in my other vehicle, an American built car. I wish more American built cars felt and drove the way the German cars do.

Me too!