My Cat

Is a Manx cat. His name is Atticus and he's about 5 yrs old. He is an outdoor kitty b/c a couple of us are allergic to him. He loves to 'dominate' the cars. When I pull into the driveway from work, he might come tearing around the corner of the house-- not to greet me, but to scratch both front tires.
But when he is glad to see me, he comes to my side of the car and as I step out he rolls onto his back and lays there, waiting for me to rub his belly. Sometimes he won't let me get up to get in the house until he's gotten enough attention. I love that when I walk outside and call his name he comes running.
He's extremely friendly with all our neighbors, too. When we first moved into our house we didn't really meet our neighbors, but when we got Atticus suddenly all our neighbors wanted to talk to us because they wanted to know his name. He even lets the boys from the football team who practice in the field behind our house pet him.
Indie42 Indie42
46-50, F
Apr 11, 2012