The Stray That Saved Me

My dad had just finished mowing the lawn and was outside picking things up when he heard a soft meow. He looked through the trees and finally spotted this really skinny kitten. She was so thin she looked like a ferret with a cat's head.

My dad called for me to come and see it. Both of us could tell it was in distress, so I brought it out some tuna on a paper plate and put it on the ground between us. It immediately came over and began eating it making noises that sounded like "yum yum yum" I began petting it while it ate. Once it was done eating I picked her up and brought her into the middle of my yard and began playing with her. That night I brought her inside and she slept right next to me.

It's been six months and she is still here. She is sleeping next to me right now. I couldn't possibly love her more. She is the stray that saved me.
rainbowdasher rainbowdasher
22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013