Rocky Is His Name

I never thought I would own a cat.  I am 31 and have allergies to cats.  I take a allergy pill everyday anyhow for my other allergies.  I have a friend who had a friend who was moving and needed a place for his cat to go besides the Humane Society.  So I agreed to take the cat in.  OMG am I one lucky lady.  Rocky is about 6 yrs old and is the most loving cat I have ever known.  He loves to sit on my lap, or near me.  He likes to sleep at the end of my bed when I sleep, and lay on top of my desk when I am working at it.

When I was working and had to wake up at 5am, he would wake me up at 4:30 am.  This went on for several days in a row.  Finally I sat him down and looked him straight in the eye and explained to him he was waking me up too early, and that it was a half an hour later that I should wake up.  I kid you not, starting the very next day he never woke me up early again.

Sometimes when I or someone else is laying on my couch Rocky will sit behind them on the arm of the couch and grab a mouthful of the person's hair and pull it.  When he does this I think it is so hilarious!!!  Rocky loves to get into mischief as well by jumping into boxes, laying on my papers or open books, and tearing around the house like someone is chasing him!!!!  He has a favorite toy mouse and rarely plays with his other toys.

Rocky has such a sweet, loving personality that I feel truly blessed for having him in my life.  I would of never thought that I would ever own a cat.

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Awh this reminds me of my cats!!

That is soooo cool I have always had cats. I. Have a very loving Oodles Doodles Mac Noodle I absolutely love ❤️❤️

Typical cat. 😀

Well okay a bit better than average

This story made me smile :) cats are my fave animal. Severly alleric but will own one one day.

Wow! Doesnt he sound just like a human? How lucky you are!

I have seven of the little fuzzy creatures. Miss Lucky is the momma to 4 of my cats and then we have two outside cats who have adopted us as family. Lucky and her family do not go outside. They are perfectly happy inside where they have every comfort possible. The outside cats do come in to eat and sleep once in a while but always want to go back out. I am thinking of having them altered and keep them inside. The problem with going outside is there are other animals that will engage them in fights. We have raccoons, skunks, opossums and dogs and cats that will force the two cats away from their food and eat it up, leaving us to open another can of food for the cats.

I feel like cats provide just as much company and understanding as humans with less drama and maintenance... I am sure you made the right choice and that it is the beginning of a long relationship :-)

PLEASE don't say you 'own' that dear companion. You love him and live with him, but you sure don't OWN him :) The word ownership smacks of slavery! He's not YOUR PET, he's a companion that loves you. And yes, Rocky sure sounds like a darling sweetheart.

Of course you own him. Same if u have a kid. You feed it, you nurture it, you carw for it. Attention to the word have as in posess. So yea i also own/have a cat. As soon as he leaves my house i used to own/have a cat.

Great story. Thank you for sharing. A British scientific report only recently made the claim that cats are the preferred pet for clever people. People who have had a higher education get themselves a cat instead of a dog. Or so the report claimed. We have our cat Kat and he's one great tabby. My partner stole him away from his previous owners who neglected him. His fur is still as long as before but now it's so very soft. He loves it that way.

It's funny how all cats have such unique personality and little quirks about them.

cats are cool they are great companions and don't judge you

thanks everyone for your comments :)

awwww how cute!!!

I received almost immediate emails as a result of the above comments, so now I realize I should have added an additional comment.<br />
<br />
Owners of "exotic" pets do not necessarily enjoy the same emotional and physical health benefits. <br />
<br />
This won't make some such owners happy, but the fact is that owners of snakes, spiders, rats, etc., often have more emotional problems than most (before, during and after owning those sorts of animals). The emotional bond between those sorts of pets and their owners simply are not the same as with dogs and cats, which have adapted to bonding with humankind over tens of thousands of years. <br />
<br />
Another comment that should have been added is that abusive personalities should never own any pet, exotic or not. Anti-social personalities are well-known as animal abusers, and such torture or deprivation for which those people are well known is not only morally reprehensible but criminal in every state in the U.S.

I'm a healthy and happy man. I have owned cats (and dogs) for their full lives since I was a child. I travel a lot, and my dog travels with me everywhere I go. The cat is always happy to see me return, and their companionship is unmatched by any except by my beautiful wife and our closest friends.<br />
<br />
Most people don't know that most pet owners are emotionally and physically happier than most who don't. <br />
<br />
Countless medical studies have determined that pet owners live longer than non-pet owners. I enjoyed your perspective.

Cute! My mom's cat was named Rocky. I have a picture of him. He was a really cute looking cat.

Thank you for sharing this story. I am so happy you have Rocky and that Rocky is in a good home. Congrats and enjoy ever minute.

I don't know who is luckier, you are Rocky...but it sounds like a real "love" match. Good for you. I, like you was allergic, but interestingly, after I was adopted by my first cat, my allergies went away. I have read since then that this happens pretty often. Enjoy Rocky...he sounds like a keeper!

Cats are better company than family and friends together.....more power to them

He sounds adorable! And the part about him waking you up is so funny-- cats are great alarm clocks, hehe.

i despise cats they are sneaky and unpredictable...

aww! he sounds awesome!

I tried to leave a comment the other day, but i wasn't logged in (thought i was), blah, blah, blah. You and Rocky are both so blessed to have found each other. Since he is a wonderful cat, why would moving cause how first person to give him up? Movin with a cat is not easy, but I have done it many times with multiple cats. <br />
<br />
Sometimes special cats go where they really belong. Despite your allergy, look at all the benefits you are reaping! Cats are so worth it. What does he look like? Keep in touch, OK? Ireally beieve that the Universe sends us what we need when we really need it, and that applies esp to companion animals. One should never just go get one. Let it come to you. You will know when it's right. And a beautiful relationship develops. I am so happy for you both!

he sounds like a real sweety!