Now, Where's My Cookie????

Very good... I bought a cellphone, for the first time, this year... >_>

I even got one of them fancy keyboard thingies, with a cam, and mp3 player built in... even though I have an ipod already and really don't need or use that function. I got a plan with unlimited texting and put in the few trusted people i know as "contacts" and set up my ringtone...

No one hardly text or call me... so... now what? o_O

All this hassle that I should get a phone, to fit in with you future-people... I have one now... and it's useless! XD

Hmm... maybe I'll just use it as skipping stone, on the lake! XD

FaeNeDaeX FaeNeDaeX
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

CRAP, no... I'll pass... >_><br />
Sounds like too much work! LOL! It's just easier to use my cell as an skipping stone. =p<br />
...Or an paperweight.... Or a door-jam. o_O

Yeah... I'm stuck in the 1920's... so sue me! XD

Good........whtas' wrong with you first cell phone, geesh, you are behind the times!! hahahahhaha