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Me And Corsets

I dont own a corsset but I admire women who own one and wear them. , long line,those that lace up, all kinds. They make a woman more curvy. love those curves. They are a challnge to me. I love to see them and touch them and slide my hands over them and picture the soft warm body inside. and how to reach that body. It is a challenge. I enjoy dancing with a woman waering a corset. so near yet so far. It is not a matter pf dancing her into a dark corner as with only a bra but it needs a bedroom. and cooperation.
anthony2001 anthony2001 61-65, M 3 Responses Jul 13, 2011

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You are lucky since you have a wife who goes along with you. d sex with my wife when she was in a coret. She certainly looks enticing in one. The flap at the bottom would make it possible . <br />
I enjoy getting her out of it if she lets me. <br />
<br />
The chastity belt would be a challenge. but you wear it which is a switch Usually it is on the woman and keeps him out. It would be intersting to watch this game. Twell mew more please

How does yr wife like you in a corset?

It must have been obvious . You must have a big tackle. I tried on one of my wifes and my tackle was just inside the flap but I am not well endowed unfortunately . We do what we can with what we have .