I've Tried To On Quite A Few Occasions

...but , like most other things, I can only dabble at the art. All I can really do it pick out notes - i mean, strings - one by one. It's enough for me for now, but it's sad. I just have no aptitude for playing musical instruments: musically challenged is a personal favorite term for it. :P In the past I took lessons for piano, another instrument I can never play (with skill), and I would still like to try others, such as violin, but will not, because I know that I am limited to listening only; I can never really make beautiful music of my own. (if i had proper resources, I think that I would venture to make original electronic music... a genre I appreciate ^^ But that's another don't. Heheh.)

Since I cannot play my guitar, do not pick it up often, and it mostly remains resting in a corner of my room, I will probably end up giving it to someone very special soon; someone who wants an electric and who can play. The basic blue and white guitar was a hand-me-down from my brother (who also cannot play, but just buys random guitars for show and to mess around with before geting tired of them), and now I think it's about ready for a different owner. XD

Random memory: I was rather successful at playing a segment of that tune called "Misirlou" on this guitar a few months back. It's the last time I picked it up to experiment (I tried to learn in earnest about two years ago and that's when i gave up) and I also broke the string that produces the highest pitch due to tightening it so much and strumming hard with the pick. Hehe....smiles
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I have a Fender Telecaster;Stratocaster,Dobro and an Acoustic which were all my Dad's. He taught me to play and I really enjoy it. It can be frustrating at times...lol

You're not alone! LOL...I have a beautiful, black Ibanez sitting in my room.....I can't play (right now) but I will eventually. I love it too much to give it away...I just would love to wake up tomorrow and just be a guitar goddess, but....we can't always have what we want lol

Awsome... So you were in band during school?<br />
I kind of wished i could play in band or orchestra in school but never.. heheh

i have play the guitar for 7 years and the since seven clarinet. it was the only thing i could do in school lol<br />
<br />
<br />
xoxo,<br />

Wow, awesome collection of instruments! I hope you have good luck with that really soon. I don't Think there's any instrument that will sing for me! >.< And yeah..that feeling of shame is understandable...I get it too. And then some people make playing music seem super easy. Wow..

I have that same problem. I get instruments and try to play them but then I never do. I'll never amke beautiful music either. I feel guilty in a way like it's a shame they go to waste and not play the way they were made to. But so far my collection is a bass guitar and electric guitar, cello, viola, violin, string bass, flute, accordion, and a piano board. One day I will find an instrument that will sing for me though!