Hand Guns

I presently have a CWP. My favorite handguns are SigSaurs and I own several. My favorite is the P239 9mm with laser and threaded barrel. This gun is a bit large to conceal so i usually carry it in a shoulder rig with extra mags. My second is the P238 .380mm. This one is the mini9. It conceals well enough that you can keep it in your pocket. The ammo I use is of course personal protection low grain hydro shocks.

I still have my Colt 357magnum that I keep around the house. The kick is horrendous, but its extremely accurate up to 40yards.

I have handled and fired hundreds of handguns and find the most reliable to be the Sigs. They are however expensive, but then again when you buy the best what is your life worth?
carstrip carstrip
46-50, M
Dec 9, 2012