12-Gauge Mossberg

All black Mossberg full-capacity shotgun!!  I have always wanted a shotgun and now that I bought one, I LOVE THAT BABY!!!  WOOO!!!  I still have to find time to go shoot it--it'll probably knock me on my *** because I'm not heavy enough to probably bear the force.  8 freakin' shots and if you pump it once, you can load another, make it 9!!  YEAH!!

filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
22-25, F
10 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Go girl!! My first shotgun was Mossberg 500. Great gun, quality and doesn't let you down.

Mossberg is a good company - but - practice, practice, practice. A weapon does you no good, if you don't get it out and try to use it until you actually need it. Go out and get a Century Box - the Walmart near me sells them for $24, sometimes on sale for $17 - and maybe invest in a recoil pad...but practice, practice, practice, until you can get up in the dark and feed shells into the tube mag and jack that slide....if home defense is an intent, a flashlight rail is a good investment - and I have really become a believer in that vertical foregrip.

Good man P. ;)

i will share

Cute....damn near I am

Too bad she's mine ;P

Hahah thanks

you are my kind of lady!!!

Yeah, you got a point.

Hell, the son of a ***** had the nerve to break in, stare down my shotgun. Hell with the cops.