I am a shooting sports enthusiast.  I also believe in my right to defend myself.  The U.S. Supteme Court has determined on more than one occasion that it is NOT the responsibility of the police to protect us.  Therefore we must value the right to protect ourselves.  I fully expect to live my entire life and NEVER draw my weapon on another person.  Still I don't want the bad guys to be the only ones who armed.  In that world we are nothing more than victims waiting to be "harvested".

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LOL, Instead, why don't you let me take you into the woods and show you the beginnings of spring flowers.<br />
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Hiya Red.

One of my friends *choke...cough* just offered to take me into the woods *bl<x>inking* to teach me the new conceal and carry rules ! Bad *** !!! lol Don't worry though he is an ooooold biker and doesn't see well ... I can out run him ! Hiya Indy :)

DK, sometimes I think we must have been separated at birth. We look nothing alike, but we agree on pretty much everything. <br />
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It's amazing how brilliant somebody seems when they agree with you.

Well put! I agree, those who prey upon others will find guns and other means of extracting what they want. All we can do is try and deter them by what ever force is needed. Those who prey on the innocent are much like terrorists in my logic, the only difference being they are also traitors...

Same thing happened in Florida and Texas. When they went to "Right to Carry" laws the crime rate dropped drastically in both states. The Brady crowd likes to ignore those "inconvenient truths".

Indeed. Look at crime rates in Chicago. That is soon to change hopefully with the McDonald case that the Supreme Court just heard this week.<br />
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Look at the crime rates in DC. They have fallen since the Supreme Court overturned the DC gun ban.

Oh, I know. It's the places in the country with the strictest gun control that have the worst crime. Disarming law abiding citizens just makes it a cakewalk for criminals.

Agree. Banning all guns would only leave the criminals armed.<br />
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It's funny how all the liberals that are anti-gun, have argued that all the states that are passing the CCW laws, will be a throw-back to the 1800's and we'll have gun fights in the streets.<br />
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Well guys.... where are all the gun fights? I mean between the CCW holders? Criminals get into gun fights. They always have and always will even if all guns are banned.<br />
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Fact is, the vast majority of CCW holders, if not every single one, are like you and I. We carry, and hope that we never have to bring another human being into the sight picture. We hope that the only time the gun is drawn, is to safely shoot at targets for practice.