Yes I Do Use Them and Love Some of Them ...

I own a home based business.  The products are all 100% natural and if they aren't the site tells you so.  I actually use most of the products and literally LOVE some of them.  It seems I'm my own best customer.

The product line is health and wellness.  There are some beauty, pet and cleaning products as well. 

I have to admit that I LOVE the makeup.  I will NEVER use anything else ... EVER!  It's the only mineral makeup on the market that is pressed and 100% natural.  The coverage is remarkable and it looks so natural ... it's hard to tell where your own skin starts.

My dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE the HOPE for Pets.  They won't eat their food unless it has some sprinkled on and since starting them on this they no longer have allergies, asthma attacks and their coats are AWESOME!

The cleaning products are great because they actually work quite well and are non-toxic at the same time!!!

The Wafer Thin System does WORK!  It literally WORKS!

I also use the SeaVegg and Almighty Cleanse for health purposes and I wouldn't go without unless I had to for financial reasons...

Check it out and see if there's anything that might help you.  The best part is that if you are not thrilled with the affects, if you are not 100% satisfied with or simply do not like it - there's a 100% money back guarantee.  You will NOT be stuck with a product you don't like and you WILL get your money back!!!

AbbyNormal AbbyNormal
31-35, F
Aug 22, 2007