2005 Jeep Rubicon's Snow Adventure...

 I love my Jeep Rubicon.  Right now, we are in the middle of getting the most snow Pittsburgh has seen in a short amount of time in quite some years.  I have taken my Jeep off-road many times, with not one problem.  And today was no different.  

Before I go any further, I should add; I have quite some experience driving my Jeep in TERRIBLE winter weather.  I went to college in Edinboro, PA., which is right in the dead center of the Lake Erie snow belt.  It was not uncommon to get 20" of snow overnight, with no road treatment.

Tonight, I conquered hills that were completely untreated with 6 inches of fresh white powder on them, as if they were nothing.  While cars were spinning out, my 4H was working perfectly.  

I was able to rescue my mother and fiancee from work, as their cars were unable to make the journey home.  

With tools in my back and no seat, it wasn't the safest way, but it was an emergency, and I had no other choice.  My    took the roll of the "precious cargo" in the back, but was never at risk.  The roads were deserted, and our business is only a half mile from my home.  So when I finally got home, my mom commented on how she was impressed at how well the Jeep handled.  In the 5 years that I have had my Jeep, it was the first time my mom really needed "rescued" in it.  

Job Well Done.

On another note, my Jeep is a 6-speed manual.  To those who know about Jeeps, when my Jeep is in gear and gaining RPMs, I am getting a really loud grinding in the gears.  I am not sure if it is my throw-out bearing, my flywheel, etc.  But has anybody ever experienced anything like this?  If so, what was the problem?

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1 Response Feb 5, 2010

Well it's definitely not the throwout bearing (if it has one as opposed to a bushing) or the flywheel.<br />
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Check the tranny and rearend fluid. Now if you're driving around in 4wd then you're going to have more noise. The gears from the t-case forward are not cut for quite operation at highway speeds.<br />
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Nice avatar. Do you guys have rocky trails up there?