I'm actually on my second Jeep.  My first jeep was a 1982 CJ-7 which was a gift from my then boyfriend.  We met through a jeep club, so it was one of the best gifts ever.  It was a piece of ****, and ugly…but it was wonderful!  A jeep of my very own!  After doing a bit of work on it, it became apparent that it was going to be a lot of work to get it into crawling condition.  I ended up selling it to a friend who was more mechanically inclined.

A few years later I made a bold, uninformed, and expensive decision to procure another CJ-7, but this one was supposedly half-way through a rebuild - or at least that’s what the seller told me.  Over the next 6 years, and 10k+ dollars, it was rebuilt from the frame up with the help of several friends, custom parts, and hard work.  Much of the previous owner's work was half-assed, incomplete, inadequate, or ill-conceived.

My beautiful 1976 CJ-7 has been repainted white, black duraback inside the tub and underneath.  The only parts remaining original stock pieces of my jeep are parts of the axles, hubs, the frame, the tub, and 3/4s of the front end.  All other parts from wheels to glove box, engine to seats, steering column to gas tank and everything else in between is either after market upgrades, custom fabrication, or OEM replacement parts.

She now sits with a 350 V8, SM-420, D-20, 4" lift, sitting on 33" BFG MT/Rs.  Custom drive-shafts, exhaust finish off the list.  The next planned upgrade is a new roll-cage tied into the frame.
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i to have a 78 CJ-7 with a 360 in it i like mud runing with it and sand dune have 35" tires on it

I forgot to mention, this is my 3rd 4x4. I still have the 2nd one. It's a Pick Up with a "Built" 502 cid Called the "Rat" Engine, some call them the Work Horse. with a "Beefed" 400 Turbo with Allison guts, This guy will clear the top of any Sand Dune. Has 4 gas tanks of 120 gallons total. I've never needed a Winch. Dana 44 in rear. 35x12.5x16.5 tires, 4:11 gears. Dino at 600+ hp. Splashes my coffee out of the cup at an idle. Can't hear yourself think at 30 mph.

I do go "Off Road" with mine. Mine is an 06 Wrangler, 4 Banger, Winch, Hooks, Lights, Detroit Lockers, front and rear. Air Lift, 6sp manual, 32" tires, Slider Windows, Satellite Radio, Tow Bar, Aux Breaks, 2 - 19 gallon gas tanks. Front and Rear Hitches, Surf Pole Rack, Rear Elevated Rack, And it pulls a Mini, Utility Trailer for Camping, with Solar Panels, 6 Batteries, Air Mattress, and all Wares for Cooking, Showering, Sleeping and Storage. Propane tanks, Water Tank, Heater, Inverter, It virtually powers the 12X14 Tent.<br />
<br />
It floats on sand. Climbs like a Panther, Never been stuck. I've been in Northern Idaho, The Sand Dunes in Arizona, "The Slabs", Padre Island, Quartzsite, and many Trail Rides.<br />
<br />
If anyone likes to Wilderness Camp, and Beach Comb, "Let's get going"

I guess you plan to go off-roading with it.

Should have gotten a Toyota