Keurig - The Willie Wonka Of Coffee Brewers

Oh yeah! I love coffee . In the beginning I had a metal percolator, made good coffee. For those remember, Maxwell House Coffee had an ad that ended "It's good to the last drop" Ad speak for it never became bitter, In the ad coffee bubbled up to the top, and the sounds were: bup a dup a dup dup a dup dup, bup a dup a dup dup a dup dup. Then I had a glass Proctor Silex drip pot. It had 2 round glass pots, stacked on each other. The water all rose to the top and then dripped down through the coffee into the lower pot, the coffee was better but it took time..... and breakage and replacement parts was a issue. Then Joltin' Joe DiMaggio appeared selling something called Mr. Coffee.
That ad featured housewives living in fear of losing their husbands because the coffee they made was so bad! But Gentleman Joe would appear in the kitchen and said Mr. Coffee will save your marriage. Mr. Coffee cornered the market. percolators were hard to find. And there I brewed for years. It was faster and we needed fast. Now I am retired, no one to talk to all by myself no place to go,,, okay you've got me that's a lyric borrowed from the Late Great Eubie Blake's "Ain't Misbehavin' " But it's true with all the time in the world to brew coffee along came The Keurig Single Cup brewer! Coffee in less than a minute, but that's not the hook, the coffee is the hook. I have Hazelnut; Cinnamon Pastry; Irish Coffee' Tropical Coconut; French Roast; Italian Roast; Dunkin' Donuts; Cafe Mocha; Newman's Own; Southern Pecan; Kahlua; Jolt; Black Diamond; and so many more types to choose from that I spend the time I used to waiting for the coffee to brew, figuring out what kind of coffee I want to have!!!! The of course there are the flavored creamers,,, So many choices so little time, But I like my Hazelnut coffee with Coffeemate's Hazelnut creamer in the morning and my Newman's Own with International Delight's Carmel Macchiato in the afternoon and my Timothy's Irish Coffee with Bailey's Irish Creme with a shot of John Jameson's at night, In between I am up for any type of coffee. Especially the brewed over ice selections. Who said life has gotten more complicated?

AZdesertman2012 AZdesertman2012
61-65, M
May 10, 2012