Use It Or Lose It

When i got my laptop at first i didn't think a would ever find my self typing a way. No typing skills at all bad spelling skills to boot. I started to learn the next how some of the things on it was. There was even times i would get my self in trouble on it and would have to go get my son in law to come bail me out. It was slow at first,but now i spend most my day on it just as addictive as a drug. I think they should have to write on the lid. This laptop may be Addictive open at your on risk. (allsosad)
allsosad allsosad
51-55, M
2 Responses May 6, 2012

I'm an addict, too. Although, my laptop is collecting dust, since I can't afford internet, my cell phone has almost become an appendage to my hand.

illiteratetroll i started my day off with a good laugh an now you made me laugh again thanks (allsosad)