right now i own an ASUS gaming laptop, with nvidia gtx 260m cuda 1gb, intel centrino2. it is 16 inch wide so its pretty big. i couldnt find the one with core2 duo because best buy doesnt have it anymore on stock. well at least i can play CofD modern warfare 2. i bought it because i need a good laptop. plus ASUS is a great product. i assembled a desktop computer with my friend way back in college using ASUS hardwares. if u wanna buy a good laptop, try Dell. its a good brand. Toshiba has a good battery life, and Sony VIAO with Blu-ray (thats the stuff!) those Apple computers are pretty slim & very sensitive and HP too (not so good).

santcma79 santcma79
22-25, M
Mar 6, 2010